Fixtures & Fittings - Feb/March 2018

Vista System on their panoramic range (2)

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What would Vista System consider the most important features, when launching a new product into the market?

We manufacture and sell a very wide variety of aluminium sign frames, from wall, suspended, table and post signs to pylons up to four metres high. Established 22 years ago, a key focus of our business is to provide our clients – namely, sign professionals – with easy-to-install products.

We understand that when our clients purchase the sign frames from us, this is only the beginning of their journey; that they still need to prepare the graphic inserts, insert them into the signs, then take the signs to the designated venue and install them on site. It’s vital that their clients are pleased with the end result.

We carefully ensure that nothing more than a screwdriver will be needed for assembling – and perhaps some silicone gel, glue and a drill for most installations.

We have a great R&D team, who are always ready to provide assembly drawings and offer advice regarding installation and more. All you have to do is ask!

Clients can also benefit from speedy and easy changing of graphics. For most sign frames, graphics can be printed and changed by the end user himself. All small signs can easily take paper graphics, if installed indoors. A single suction cup, supplied by Vista with every purchase, does the job. How great is that!?

That does sound great, Pnina. So, how does Vista System make sure that signs can be fitted to walls or floors securely for durability whilst still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing form?

Sometimes, the project and specifications may be a little out of the ordinary, for our clients, and when that happens, we are only too pleased to offer guidance. For example, if the walls are made of different materials, we recommend having a specialist on site to advise on the best screw or method of installation.

For larger signs, such as POST & PANEL signs or PYLONS, we may suggest the supervision of a construction engineer for anchoring the pylons into a concrete base, however, basic rules of thumb can be provided by our R&D team in the form of drawings for various anchor types, depth of inserting supports into concrete, etc.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our materials and the quality of production. Aluminium is our primary material and this was no random choice. It is durable, yet it does not corrode or get patina when installed outdoors. It withstands the elements beautifully and needs no particular maintenance, if fitted properly.

When installed indoors, it can last for decades, is easily cleaned and keeps a sleek and classic look.

Graphics used outdoors should be UV coated and made of durable materials such as film, vinyl or other water resistant types of substrates.

Vista's polycarbonate clear covers that are supplied with all sign types, are also UV coated and can withstand up to 50 degrees C.

For projecting signs, hung 90 degrees to the wall, we developed a wide range of wall brackets to fit all kinds of installation requests. Some of them are made of steel, for a more robust, heavy duty installation. There is also an aluminium wall bracket which was recently developed, and soon took the market by storm, for being both durable, beautiful and vandal proof. Yes: vandal proof products are growing in popularity.

The FS wall bracket is vandal proof. Its installation is done in two stages - one element is screwed into the wall, while the other slides over it and is closed by a hidden screw, using only a special Alan key.

Our suspended signs are sold with correlating steel cables. Recommendations for additional cables needed are given to clients purchasing larger signs. Special ceiling fixtures are also provided with any suspended signs, creating both a strong and safe support for the sign and a beautiful cosmetic solution for a seamless and neat installation.

What colour does Vista’s aluminium come in?

All our signage is made of anodised aluminium. Available colours are clear (natural silver aluminium), black and gold. However, we can also send all extrusions and end caps to a paint shop, to be RAL painted, if we have the right RAL number.

For more information, please visit:

FK Moore, established in 1890: securely positioned in the industry

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What developments, if any, do you envisage in the fixtures and fittings industry? What's next?

The world of fixtures and fittings is everchanging. FK Moore was established in 1890, so we can safely say that we really do know our industry, inside-out. The business has seen many changes over the years and, as you would expect, from a company of our standing, we anticipate upcoming trends and we listen to our customers – their needs and wants – and we make any necessary changes or additions to our product range as a result.

We are pleased to be able to say, in fact, that we will be extending our range even further in the very near future, including different styles and sizes on our externally and internally threaded coverheads and stand off fixings.

We feel that the industry is crying out for alternative finishes which is why we have brought Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Bronze and Bright Copper into our range in accordance with today’s trends.

What tips do you give to a client who is unsure of what finish to go for? With such an extensive range, where do you start?

We have the industry’s largest range of products for customers to choose from, therefore we tend to advise them, based on what finish or colour would best suit the application. Our experience comes into its own here.

This is usually followed up with a free sample to ensure peace of mind before placing an order.

We like to do all we can to make sure that our customer is selecting the product that is right for them.

When a client needs something unique, what solutions do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive bespoke service, working closely with each client to design and manufacture a product that will ultimately bring their ideas to fruition.

Our extensive range of products and more details can be found at

Versatility is Key for I Spi Trade

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Tell us about the history and operations of I Spi Trade?

We’re actually celebrating our 20th year in business this year, a milestone we are very proud of. I Spi Trade was founded by my late Father Chris Ferrie in 1997, originally as a signage manufacturer and installer. We later found a gap in the market and focussed the business on becoming a trade partner to the sign industry, not just a supplier.

Traditional family-business values are the backbone of the business and from inception our unrivalled knowledge of the sign fitting industry has been invaluable for customers.

And your renowned versatile sign fixings? Have you any examples of exclusive projects?

Sure, throughout the sign industry we regularly support customers with products ranging from stand-off wall fixings through to LED sign clamps, but we love it when customers approach us to support new, innovative ideas. Let’s just say it’s about seeing the products past their traditional use at times. For example, in the main picture below, stand-offs create a stunning standalone wall display. A hotel reception area comes to life, using a mixture of chrome, satin chrome and various projections, to create a stunning backdrop. The display is further accented with the use of clever LED lighting.

Our illuminated, Signalite brand wall mounts also offered a perfect solution for another client, as seen pictured above. Something that stood out within the building environment.

Their directory wayfinding board was in an area that required soft lighting. We helped them choose a combination of products that draws a visitors’ attention, guides them, whilst adapting well within the area.

We often chat with our customers, exploring their project challenges. It’s about working together to drive solutions.

Our illuminated cable systems are also very popular. They provide a new opportunity to grab audiences’ attention at night, within window displays.

Do you see new products and techniques for the industry emerging in 2018?

Definitely. In the world of communication, marketing and messaging, consumers have a healthy appetite for information and promotion. The signage industry is developing continuously to keep up with trends and find new innovative ways to reach, engage and communicate.

It’s safe to say that illuminated and digital displays continue to provide dramatic developments, engaging and inviting consumers to interact with signage and displays that encourage them to take action on the information and promotions. LG has forecast a rise of around 30% in 2018 for new digital display installations.

It promises to be another exciting year!

“LG has forecast a rise of around 30% in 2018 for new digital display installations.”

What exactly does 2018 hold for I Spi Trade?

A lot! We have launched our new ecommerce website, which like every other area of I Spi Trade, is not simply about products and purchasing them. We bring customers insight, news, project studies and the same innovative versatility that we deliver throughout our products and how we do business.

To find out more about I Spi Trade and view their product range, take a look at:

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Ultima Displays

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Before choosing a display solution it’s important to consider the following:

  • Does the item need to be wall mounted or suspended?
  • Does your display need to be customised?
  • Does your display need to be illuminated?
  • Does your display need to incorporate a display device such as an LCD screen or smart tablet?

Sue Mason investigates what’s happening in the world of signage fixtures and fittings; looking at how versatile a market this is and how, when it’s done right, you can achieve a seamless, flawless finish that secures even the sturdiest of signage. Seemingly, there is a growing demand for tamper-proof and vandal-proof products.

You can even use these often small, unnoticeable objects to enhance your signage; or take it a stage further still by making a feature of the fittings themselves, so that they become the signage. Here is what the experts had to say.

What sets Ultima Displays apart when it comes to retail fittings?

Our comprehensive portfolio of retail signage solutions is contemporary in design and available in custom sizes and colours. Our display solutions are lightweight and durable, quick and easy to install and come with simple graphic attachments. The Twista and Strata ranges are made to order, with a wide range of fixing options and finishes to blend perfectly into the retail environment.

For example, the Twista Lite Poster Rail is an easy to use ‘snap action’ poster rail, which has a smart, modern design. Whether it is wall or ceiling mounted, it can be used with a wide range of media including paper, card, PVC and fabric and is available in eight sizes between 500mm and 1,500mm.

The Vector Quick Fix range offers a costeffective alternative with its custom manufacture low cost picture frame combined with TFS (Tension Fabric System) that is lightweight and easy to fit and provides a taught finish that always looks good. The vibrant photographic quality graphics makes them a perfect alternative to traditional rigid displays.

When might a client use a product or products from your Strata Systems range and typically, what advice do you offer in this area?

Our signage solutions, such as our Strata and Vector Quick Fix ranges, are suitable for settings such as corporate office interiors, reception areas, public spaces, commercial, point of sale and retail environments. Our Strata portfolio of solutions can be used to create suspended graphic and poster displays.

Ultima Displays has several solutions that can be used alongside the Strata Cable Display System, including a Compact Variable Wall Plate, which has a hinged fixing making it ideal for wall to wall displays for variable angle cables. The Acrylic Poster Holder can be used to create cable suspended poster displays. The cables can be attached directly to walls and ceilings using screw fixings or to Cable Rails, which allow adjustment of position. They are available in either landscape or portrait and in five different sizes, from A1 to A5.

What other forms of fixtures and fittings are proving most popular, currently?

The Strata range can be illuminated and incorporate displays such as LCD screens and a smart tablet. This makes the solution very popular as the screens are perfect for illuminating advertising or branding visuals, offering incredible visual impact for any retail environment.

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