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Getting the best from laser cutting technology


The Versa-Tech has a 3.2m X 3.2m cut area with laser, knife and router tooling.

Laser cutting is a powerful tool for snag-free, sealed-edge cutting of textiles for a variety of applications from printed signage to airbags and sailcloth. Eiko Ichikawa-White answers some frequently asked...

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High clarity self-adhesive film for glass


Glass door with EasyGlass clear vinyl applied.

Said to be ideal for short term promotion, Spandex have launched 2926 Easy Glass which is an ultra-clear printable self-adhesive polyester window film designed for ease of use even by...

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Recycled core PVC product for print and display projects


Perspex Fabricated Palboard bench on display

Perspex Distribution has increased its print substrate range with the launch of Palboard, a multi-layered PVC sheet made with a recycled foam PVC core.

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LEDs provide energy efficient sign illumination


Multiple small LEDs with lighting Tetra 24v on display

Gone are the days of traditional bulbs and fluorescent tubes, the constant maintenance and inconsistent lighting for signs. LED lighting has created a movement for more cost effective, energy efficient...

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