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FK Moore, established in 1890: securely positioned in the industry

passport photograph Director Fk Moore Limited

3 part wall fixing 8 wall fixings with a black back ground 5 fixings with black back ground

What developments, if any, do you envisage in the fixtures and fittings industry? What's next?

The world of fixtures and fittings is everchanging. FK Moore was established in 1890, so we can safely say that we really do know our industry, inside-out. The business has seen many changes over the years and, as you would expect, from a company of our standing, we anticipate upcoming trends and we listen to our customers – their needs and wants – and we make any necessary changes or additions to our product range as a result.

We are pleased to be able to say, in fact, that we will be extending our range even further in the very near future, including different styles and sizes on our externally and internally threaded coverheads and stand off fixings.

We feel that the industry is crying out for alternative finishes which is why we have brought Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Bronze and Bright Copper into our range in accordance with today’s trends.

What tips do you give to a client who is unsure of what finish to go for? With such an extensive range, where do you start?

We have the industry’s largest range of products for customers to choose from, therefore we tend to advise them, based on what finish or colour would best suit the application. Our experience comes into its own here.

This is usually followed up with a free sample to ensure peace of mind before placing an order.

We like to do all we can to make sure that our customer is selecting the product that is right for them.

When a client needs something unique, what solutions do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive bespoke service, working closely with each client to design and manufacture a product that will ultimately bring their ideas to fruition.

Our extensive range of products and more details can be found at


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