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Textile profile ensures ‘perfect’ tension


Texgrip textile profile made of rubber

Brownings has introduced TexGrip, the latest addition to its textile profiles and made of rubber, that replaces the need to stitch the keder onto prints.

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ISA-UK announces plans for new awards scheme


Daniel Garett being awarded with Young Signmaker of the Year 2019

The International Sign Association-UK (ISA-UK), formerly known as the British Sign & Graphics Association, announced yesterday that it will be introducing a brand new award scheme for 2020.

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Woodgrain finish gives depth and texture to static graphics


A living room showing an example of how Drytac's woodgrain effect vinyl can be used.

A new ReTac Textures finish from Drytac is now available globally. Woodgrain has been designed to add depth and texture to static, flat graphics, giving them “incredible visual appeal”.

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Software offers expanded colour spectrum


Man drawing a graph on a white board

As of GMG OpenColor 2.3, all customised substrates will be shown at one place and changes to the properties of a media are automatically applied to all projects in which...

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Highlight Mk.4 profile.Readings from meters showing Electrical consumption comparison of 2 pieces of lighting.Joining section on the Highlight Mk. 4.Wave shaped bracket.
Highlight Mk.4 is a new extruded aluminium trough lighting profile from Insight, replacing its current T8 and T5 profiles, catering for both fluorescent and LED light sources, with three options for brightness on the latter.

Highlight Mk.4 LED Superbright version offers better performance than fluorescent, says Insight, yet consumes just over half the electricity (11.9 W compared to 20 W for a 600mm long unit), so now you can have the ultimate in brightness while helping the environment. You also benefit in that virtually no maintenance apart from cleaning is necessary, coupled with around five times the useful life of standard fluorescent (based on 12 hours a day, 365 days per year).

Insight says it has no doubt that its Highlight Mk.4 LED Bright version will soon replace fluorescent, being almost as bright but consuming just 8.4 W for the same length as above.

The only benefit fluorescent can offer is cost. Highlight Mk.4 Fluorescent starts at just £10.00 per foot, compared to LED Bright at £15.00. However, if you are not driven by initial cost, the saving in energy, maintenance and long life will soon repay the difference.

The most economical version is Highlight Mk.4 LED Green, consuming just 3.8W for the same length as above from which you still obtain reasonable illumination for smaller fascia signs.

So go on help the planet and after a few years see a good cash saving.

This very attractive profile shape is also functional in that it diffuses light on to the sign face, rather than direct it, which could cause glare or hot spots, sometimes making text illegible. The slanting bullnose front shape shields light spillage and prevents light dazzling passing motorists.

Another very important part of any lighting system is the joints. Insight has spent the money and provides another separate extrusion following the inside shape of the profile, this provides support at joints and prevents both light spillage and water ingress. Don't purchase any trough light with out one, says Insight.

Highlight Mk.4 offers a wide range of clip-on fit fixing brackets, and now also a wave shape version which adds style but more importantly is ideal for signs where you have very little spare space, hence reducing the size of the fixing plate to the smallest possible while still allowing top and bottom fixings. Insight never recommends brackets with horizontal fixings as the wind causes all lights to move up and down, causing horizontal fixings to become slack.

For further information, visit Insight Sign Systems' web site at www.insightsignsystems.com