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Sign here talk about Built-up letters

Acrylic being bent to form the lettersThe acrylic letters in preparation Built-up letters in production The lighting and colour variations being displayed alongside built up lettering

Ken Wildsmith, Director of Sign Here, also notes the changes that lighting and illumination have had on the built up lettering industry.

“The look of built up letters is forever changing,” he says. “Five years ago it just seemed to be stainless steel with Halo illumination that was the "in look", but now with a wide range of specialist material and lighting techniques available, designers are becoming more adventurous and demanding for that impactful and original look.”

Sign Here manufactures signs in acrylic, stainless steel and aluminum, and is currently making an abundance of lettering in a “fairground” style due to popular demand. “The finishes vary from the natural material to painted and powder-coated letters, with and without illumination” he adds. When it comes to illumination, the advent of LEDs has allowed the company to develop more complex signs with built up letters, using a wide variety of colours and changing colour combinations.

From simple built up acrylic letters to complex individual letters with different material incorporated into them, there are a number of styles that Sign Here are playing with in order to cater to increasing consumer demand. “The end user is becoming more aware of the impact that built up letters can make in display and corporate signage, and that it contributes to giving a greater visual presence in the market place, especially within the retail business,” he explains. The combination of a large variety of materials, illumination, colours, environmental factors and cost concerns can sometimes make it tough to create signage that ticks all the boxes. Ken credits the substantial investment his company has made in Laser & CNC machinery as being the key to being able to control the production schedule, and always provide the end user with the desired results. “The machinery combined with our skilled experienced letter builders has allowed us to perfect the art of bespoke built up lettering with the quality and service expected from an established company.”

Get the best finish

According to Ken, getting the best finish from built up signage is a combination of the right planning beforehand, and the correct care afterwards.

Whether the sign is installed indoors or out, choosing the right material is crucial to a strong finished product, as is the maintenance. “We do find that once the end user has fitted the sign, it almost becomes forgotten about! It should go without saying that a sign would benefit from a clean occasionally to maintain its best finish.” When it comes to selecting materials, Ken prides himself on the offerings available at Sign Here, and says a stringent quality control process maintains the high level of excellence from the products. “Achieving the best possible finish is only possible if you’re using quality materials made by skilled experienced letter builders,” he says, “and every one of our letter builders is conscious of the quality demanded, and will never let the customer down.”

For more information, visit www.sign-here.co.uk.

A finished addidas sign with vinyl applied to the letters

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