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Xpres adds Roland BN-20 to its catalogue

Roland BN-20Midlands based Xpres has added the amazing Roland BN-20 to its catalogue giving customers even more choice. This small footprint, table top machine complements the VersaCAMM which is already a well-established Xpres product.

What the BN-20 offers is a lower cost entry into this market with a machine that still carries the quality and authority of the Roland name. In fact it comes in at about £3000 lower making it a very attractive proposition. As you would expect with a smaller, more competitively priced machine, its productivity is lower than the larger VersaCAMM but its operation could not be easier with a single print/cut button. Quality is also upheld with it producing the same excellent print quality as the larger machine. In fact it would be fair to say that the overall dimensions and productivity of the machine are the only real differences. Even the running costs are the same with both printers using the 220ml sealed cartridges of eco-friendly, eco-solvent ink. This is great for those who already have the VersaCAMM but are looking to add a smaller footprint machine. One stock of ink feeds both machines.

All colour of garments can be decorated using the film supplied for these machines with a white media available for non-white garments. This does the same job as the white ink used in direct to garment printing and screen printing and ensures that the machine is as flexible as possible. Naturally, washability is a key consideration with any garment decoration and Xpres takes this very seriously. In fact they can boast a 60ºC standard which takes it into the sportswear market as well as the standard corporate and fashion markets. There is even a 'stretchy' film so performance-wear can also be decorated.

An important question of course with lower cost hardware is "what about reliability?" No worries here though as both Roland and Xpres have a reputation to think of and the BN-20 has been built to the same testing standards as anything else that comes out of the Roland stable. The name says it all.

The BN-20 is packaged with the VersaWorks software and comes in at an attractive £5,500 and is available now.

For further information on the BN-20 or any other Xpres product telephone 01332 855 050 or go to www.xpres.co.uk.

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