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Mimaki UJF-3042FX - A new UV LED flatbed inkjet printer, primer and inks

Following on from the success of the award winning UJF-3042 flatbed A3 printer, Mimaki has added new functionalities to its popular UV LED curing machine. The new Mimaki UJF-3042FX features a special jettable primer that allows users to automatically prime their media if needed. Priming may be required on some surfaces for better adhesion of the UV curing inks, so this delivers the possibility to print directly with UV curable ink on many different substrates, ranging from glass to metals.

As a result, the new UJF-3042FX allows for more efficient use of printing to untreated stock. While the application of primer is usually executed manually, the UJF-3042FX incorporates an automatic primer feature whereby primer is applied as part of the printing process. The new inkjet primer cartridges (available in 220 and 600ml sizes) are simply inserted into the corresponding slot of the printer. The UJF-3042FX will only use the primer where needed, saving money and time, as well as reducing waste.

Mimaki UJF-3042FXMaterials that are unsuitable even for UV inkjet printing can be printed upon by applying a primer. This foundation layer enables better ink adhesion, making UV inkjet printing on those materials possible. The primer is simultaneously applied with the process colours during printing, thus streamlining print companies' workflows significantly without compromising speed.

Mimaki's exclusive UK & Irish distributor, Hybrid Services Ltd also announces the new LF-140 ink and availability of the proven LF-200 flexible ink for the UJF-3042FX printer. With the added benefit of the new flexible ink and primer solution, this printer is unique in its market and opens up the possibility to use more substrates without manual pre-priming.

The new LF-140 stretchable ink has an extended colour gamut compared with the current LH-100 inks that have been available since the introduction of the original model. The LF-140 inks also give excellent adhesion results with the added ink flexibility. The LF-200 ink is stretchable up to 200% in four colour mode and with the addition of a white ink layer it delivers spectacular results. With the addition of flexible inks, it is possible to use more diverse substrates, fulfilling different applications with the printer, such as printing flexible labels and on to formable media.

The Mimaki UJF-3042FX prints to substrates up to A3 in size (300 x 420 mm) and up to 50mm thickness. Using UV LED technology means that after curing, the ink is instantly bonded to the substrate and as LED does not generate high temperatures, it enables full colour printing on almost every material including heat-sensitive substrates such as resin, wood and leather.

Mimaki's white under- and overprinting capabilities produce more vivid colours, especially on coloured or transparent substrates, adding value to printed products. Spot colour printing with clear ink, as well as layered printing and clear ink varnishes add stunning embossing results to printed products allowing highly creative, potentially time consuming and complex jobs to be easily produced on the Mimaki UJF-3042FX.

Original images, photographs and text incorporated into goods, nameplates, and personal accessories facilitate a degree of personalisation which can enthuse print customers and gift recipients. Printing on paper, film and a vast array of branded goods adds the individual touch that is required to make a lasting impression.

In addition, printing on film and carton board enables the production of flexible and hard based prototype packaging projects; significantly streamlining workflows for packaging designers. Rigid labels are also ideal for production on the new UJF-3042FX printer.

Mimaki has also included a revolutionary nozzle recovery function in the latest version of the printer which enables operators to temporarily resolve any nozzle related issues prior to a technician attending the machine. This allows the printer to continue running, with little or no effect on production capacity.

The Mimaki UJF-3042FX takes the pioneering features of its award winning predecessor, and further automates the production of customised output in a package that includes powerful RIP software, ink and a fully comprehensive warranty.

Available through Hybrid's authorised reseller network, further information can be found by visiting www.hybridservices.co.uk

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