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New illuminated letter range from Applelec

The letter 'S' from the new luxury letter range from ApplelecDelivering a powerful and attractive presence designed to tempt and appeal, Applelec's new letter range combines a luxury finish with manufacturing excellence in an illuminated letter.

Recently selected in projects for MAC cosmetics and the Bank of India, the luxury letter range employs comparable innovation to Applelec's flat lighting unit, LED Light Sheet. In similar construction techniques to those used in the manufacture of the lighting unit, each letter is created by embedding an acrylic with thermally managed LEDs to deliver an evenly illuminated letter which runs cool to the touch.

Ian Drinkwater, Applelec Managing Director explains: "The new luxury letter range builds on techniques we have perfected with LED Light Sheet to create a robust and superior letter choice with a range of bespoke construction and illumination options. The range, which provides exceptional performance in an elegantly constructed letter and ensures a unique choice for a luxury letter, is now available from Applelec."

The letter range features a choice of illumination styles featuring distinct effects. These options include face, halo, side and key line illumination and a variety of combinations of these illumination styles. The embedded LEDs are available in cool or warm white, red, green, yellow, orange, blue and RGB (colour changing) options.

Standard or bespoke fonts and unique logo shapes can all be created using the construction process of the range, whilst optional finishes to the letters include vinyl coating, painting and the application of flat cut metal letter faces. The acrylic depth is in incremental measurements of 10, 20 and 30mm (23 and 33mm depths are available in some profiles), dependent on the chosen illumination effect. The luxury letter range is available to purchase individually or may be mounted onto full fascia signage by Applelec.

For brands which demand sustainable options, the range is constructed with provision to renew the embedded LEDs which may be replaced once the LED lifecycle is completed. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, the embedded LEDs create a uniquely sealed letter with a durable construction.

Perfect for the hotel and leisure industries or for luxury retail brands, the new luxury range offers sophisticated construction and an elegant finish.

For further information telephone Applelec on 01274 768343 or visit www.applelecsign.co.uk

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