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TheMagicTouch takes sublimation to new level

The Ricoh GX7000 printer with a full set of “high yield” SubliJet-R cartridgesTheMagicTouch in association with Sawgrass Technologies introduce a new and innovative way to produce sublimation ink transfers.

Introducing SubliJet-R high viscosity sublimation ink cartridges exclusively with the Ricoh GX7000 printer offers choice and options with dramatically improved print speed, lower cost per copy, low-maintenance, energy efficiency, vibrant colours combined with consistency and reliability as never seen before.

The "self cleaning" print-head is three times the width of a conventional inkjet printer and operates a tandem print pass, enabling production capabilities. Outstanding image quality is attributed to an advanced form of "piezo" print-head using "modulated-dot" technology.

For existing users of sublimation, one feature is the durability of the print-head itself. Ink is ejected with greater force eliminating clogging and time consuming blockages, especially if the printer is not used for prolonged periods.

The printer comes complete with user-friendly colour profile management software to ensure consistent quality transfers. Other features include 32mb memory, 3600 x 1200 dpi resolution, USB interface and will produce transfers up to A3 in size.

The printer package is complete with a full set of "high yield" SubliJet-R cartridges (C, M, Y, K) and all users receive the comprehensive support programme, warranty and free technical online support.

This new option is perfect for clients looking to up-grade their entry level sublimation, those seeking a production machine with lower cost per print, and all sublimation users demanding dramatically reduced down-time due to blockages and ink clogging.

This new innovation was launched at the ISS trade show in Long Beach, California, where the interest was overwhelming. Demand for this user friendly sublimation option is expected to be high and is available with immediate effect.

Contact: Tel: 01582 671444 sales@themagictouch.co.uk www.themagictouch.co.uk

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