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CDS launch transparent OLED displays

A blue transparent image on glassCrystal Display Systems introduce The LucidVue, a "game changer" in transparent display technology.

Based on Transparent OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Technology, this is an evolution in display principles that eliminates the need for display lighting and showcase box. This development in technology creates so many more options to innovate in a world of display, says CDS.

The LucidVue can improve brand impact, "astound" customers, and help "set yourself apart from the competition or inspire the next generation". Possible applications for this new technology include; retail promotion, exhibitions, museums and digital signage.
CDS’s Technical Director, Tony Large, said: “This new genre of technology adds a further dimension to our transparent display offering, giving some real benefits for high end applications that require an emissive display. It will complement our existing range T-LCD panels."

TOLED displays are available in a 55” module use the latest production techniques; this self-emitting display enables a crisp image while also offering a high transmittance rate of around 45 per cent.

The self-emissive pixels contain four sub pixels, red, green and blue for generating outstanding vibrant colours; and the final sub pixel (which would typically be black) is clear, to make it transparent.

"Poly-silicon TFTs act as the switching method for the Active Matrix of OLED generating a sumptuously rich colour palette of over 1billion colours, with a 180 degree viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal planes. This can deliver a mind blowing visual to even a large audience," says Tony.

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