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Kala and Caldera eliminate finishing errors for printers

A model of KalaXY semi automatic trimmerCaldera has expanded its relationship with Kala, to ensure full integration between its V10 RIP suite and the range of wide-format print finishing equipment from the French manufacturer.

The cooperation between the companies "guarantees" users of Kala's laminators, dye-sublimation calendars and cutting systems the "power" of Caldera's expertise in the print production process when using its RIP software. Owners of Kala machinery benefit from time saved, accurate placement of crop and registration marks, plus automation in the finishing service, says the company.

"If a print is mishandled in any way during finishing it means a reprint, which means wasted time, media and resource," says Laurent Bouchard, Co-General Manager at Kala. "Finishing is a labour-intensive process, so it's essential for business owners to look at how this department can be made more efficient. By using Caldera, sign and display printers can address that rapidly and therefore improve profitability."

Caldera has developed a number of features to improve cutting and finishing processes for Kala users. V10 users can take advantage of accurate cut marks for single- or double-sided production; automated calculation of margins; and stop indicators that aid manual position changes. These functions remove many manual interventions from the finishing process, improving operations by reducing the chance of human error.

By using the Caldera RIP with the Trim-O-Matik module, owners of Kala laminators and cutters can "exploit" the capability of their machinery. The KalaXY semi-automatic trimmer, can cut a 50m roll measuring 1.32m into A4 sheets within five minutes and is simple to use, even for unskilled or temporary workers. A roll of print laminated using one of Kala's range of hot or cold laminators can be transferred to the KalaXY trimmer rapidly thanks to an intelligently designed, interchangeable roll shaft, says the company.

"Kala's approach is very much like Caldera's: all finishing devices are engineered to save time and money for users," says Patrick Marillier, Co-General Manager at Kala.

"Our existing customers who are using our cutters, calenders and laminators in combination with the Caldera RIP are achieving fantastic results, improving quality and eliminating many reprint and wastage costs."

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