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Eurobond adhesives

bottles and tubes of adhesivesSignmaking is an art, says Eurobond. It's a "combination of skilled craftsmen, using high quality tools to produce outstanding signs". The Penloc® range of structural adhesives from Eurobond Adhesives is recognised by thousands of signmakers throughout Europe as the "must have" adhesive, says the company. It is used in many diverse applications such as bonding channel or stiffener bars to the back of Dibond; fabricating built up letters; bonding many different materials together; Big Head fasteners; fabricating back light boxes; lighting trays; and fabricating monolyths. The range includes different cure speeds, different viscosities (thicknesses) and is available in 12ml, 25ml 50ml and 400ml cartridges to "suit just about every application".

Eurobond say their high performance range of structural acrylic tapes rival those of 3M'S VHB tape, but with the added benefit of a much lower price. Surface preparation prior to bonding is essential and helps promote adhesion which helps ensure the final integrity of the bonded joint. Eurobond's low lint, heavy duty surface cleaning wipes are specially designed for the sign industry. They are "easy to use, cost effective and safe".

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