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Texflex Display System from KSUK - The textile revolution moves on

Demonstrating the Texflex Display SystemDemonstrating the Texflex Display System
KSUK has just launched Texflex as the most versatile and comprehensive internal display system ever seen. Lightweight with no trims, screws, clamps, hammers or other tools required - there's nothing to cause even a broken fingernail. Texflex is being described as a super product, perfect for clients who want to change the display graphics themselves.

Texflex offers the option of LED, T5, T8, or no lighting in a super lightweight 17mm deep non illuminated frame, designed specifically to receive a textile print. Texflex is ideal both as a double-sided hanging-type display and as a slim, wall mounted product.

The range comprises an indoor illuminated or non-illuminated set of versatile products using back-illuminated images created by sublimation printing directly on to textile.

This process is seen by many as the way forward in lowering product costs and improving visual display to customers while reducing environmental impact. As progressive companies try to cut their use of PVC and acrylics and reduce harmful printing methods, a further benefit of Texflex is its recycling option, because the base material is textile.


Stuart Bickley, Managing Director of KSUK says: "We're seeing a huge response to this relatively new medium that's enabling designers and specifiers to move into new territory. Until now a major problem for a designer's imagination has been the space needed around the edge of a frame for access to change the graphics. Now, for the first time, a print can be inserted directly from the front of the frame, meaning no space is required at the sides and illumination can be directly to the edge of the frame. Imagine, Texflex panels fitted flush along a wall would appear as a completely smooth wall with illuminated graphics as part of the wall - how good would that look?"

Stuart continues: "This is my third recession since I've been in business and we've come through previous recessions by having the right products to survive in a radically changing market. We have dug deep to provide another innovative product that fills the price gap between the expensive, point of sale, large backilluminated products requiring Duratrans type acrylic panels and the expensive flex-faced type installations that are cumbersome and require contractors to install and remove prints."

Find out more at www.ksuk.co.uk or telephone 0121 783 0779.

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