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Applelec announces new ranges

Applelec's Domino LED in the shape of the letter S Applelec Sign Components (UK) Ltd has launched a new lighting and manufacturing process, a new range of LED Edge Lit profiles, and has been appointed as the UK and Irish distributor for Domino LEDs of France.

The new lighting and manufacturing process is known as LED Letter Module. Exclusively manufactured by Applelec Sign Components, it comprises an actual LED circuit board manufactured in the shape of the desired letter. Complete with LEDs carefully positioned, one simply fixes the LED letter module within the letter.

The module is fully sealed for outdoor use, making it ideal for all manner of illuminated projects. It is especially suited to letters with a narrow stroke width where an unhindered halo light is required, and for face illuminated projects with a shallow return depth.

Soled is the new range of LED Edge Lit profiles, part of the numerous sign systems that Applelec distributes on behalf of Co Sign of Belgium.

An aluminium centrepiece with varying screw fixing slots enables side pieces to be adjusted to fit either a 5mm or 10mm thick acrylic panel.

The profiles can be interchanged to overcome a fixing constraint. For example, a wall mounted hanging sign requiring a rounded top finish, can supplied with a square back for ease of fitting to the wall.

Soled, exclusively distributed and manufactured by Applelec, is expected to be in demand for many different applications including the lighting of decorative acrylic panels, hanging signs, wall mounted signs, and projecting signs.

Domino LEDs of France has utilised state of the art lighting technology and purposely designed the product to show off the aesthetics of the modules themselves, as opposed to mounting them within a letter where they can't be seen.

Domino LEDs

This concept of an LED module in full view allows for a variety of different face and side illuminated letter styles to be created. Supplied either in kit form, or mounted within a letter ready for use, these outdoor rated LEDs are said to be already creating waves with designers.

LED Letter Modules, Soled Edge Lit kits and Domino LEDs are available now for immediate sampling and production orders.

Contact Applelec Sign Components (UK) Ltd on 01274 774477 (Northern Office), 01442 500050 (Southern Office), or visit www.applelecsign.co.uk

Wall mounted signage using Soled

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