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Simplex - your sign system and metalwork specialist

Brushed stainless steel and painted aluminium monolith signs with flat cut letters Illuminated Rolls Royce sign fabricated in aluminium. College installation of System 4 with Braille and tactile face bands Pole & Plank Sign
Simplex has evolved over the last 20 years to become one of the sign industry's leading trade suppliers of quality metal products.

With the company built on a foundation of extruded sign products it was only a matter of time before Simplex channelled this knowledge into designing its own system. This Simplex did with its friends at Nova Aluminium and in April 2007 a new system was born. Over the last couple of years this system has been embraced by the sign trade for its robust construction coupled with ease of use. The Pole & Plank family really does have something to offer everyone in the sign trade.

Starting with the competitively priced Composite Holder, this unique carrier drops into the round or quad slot pole and allows for a 3mm aluminium composite material (ACM) such as DiBond or a 3mm aluminium sheet to be VHB taped to it for a very cost effective sign. It can also be used for carrying thicker materials such as acrylic, MDF or Foamex.

Next in the range is the traditional Pole and Plank sign, available with round, square or D posts these have all been designed from the outset to accept a standard steel box section, which when fitted greatly enhances the strength of the post when being erected in vulnerable positions.

Standard planks in the range are 100, 150 and 200mm respectively. Panels of other sizes can be fabricated and by design has been engineered to accept a 2mm face (25% stronger than most systems at 1.5mm). This also gives the opportunity of not just aluminium faces but lends itself to the range of ACM products and the different finishes these can bring. We have even manufactured double sided router cut and illuminated panels at just 20mm thick. Baseplates and ball finials are available as is a quad slot round pole for V shaped or double banked signs. The real beauty of the system however, is the ease of putting it together with the panels sliding into position on their locating screws.

The Signbox 78 shows how a modular system can be used to excellent effect in creating small monolith signs when fitted to D posts. With the box finishing flush with the posts, this gives the sign more depth and when finished with an aluminium or ACM face gives the sign a more substantial look.

The final product, at present, in the family is the Pole and Plank Fingerpost. With square or pointed end finger options it has the ability to point between one and four directions (all at 90 degrees to each other) on the same level, with multiple levels possible on any one sign and typically finished with a ball finial for a classic look.

In addition to the Pole and Plank family Simplex also offers a wealth of internal signage. Its own curved directory, System 4, has its unique patented gatorband technology, which interlocks the face bands to keep them in line. The real beauty of this system though is in its versatility, a wall mounted or monolith sign can have the face bands changed to different heights in seconds, taken out altogether and replaced with a poster or a combination of both. Face bands can be painted aluminium, polished or brushed stainless steel, an engraving laminate or fitted with a Braille and tactile splash panel for DDA compliance. This system is a must for public buildings or for customers seeking something just a little bit out of the ordinary.

At Simplex, monoliths are a huge part of the business. Built in the company's workshop, to a typical size of about 6m high, these are simply taken to site and fitted with a crane to a pre-installed groundcage and secured with eight nuts - they really have to be seen to be appreciated.

Aluminium trays and fret cut and illuminated fascias are in daily production in the workshop and Simplex believes its quality is second to none. As well as these, Simplex sees itself as the master at one-off specialist metalwork projects.

With the MSS system on offer and as a major stockist and convertor of the Apco Accord 15 system as well as built up and flat cut letters Simplex firmly believes if it's made of metal there's only one place you need to come, and that's to Simplex!

For further information contact Simplex on 01903 750333 email sales@simplexltd.com or visit www.simplexltd.com

Mirror polished built up letters with halo illumination

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