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KSUK - Response to new product bucks economic trend

KSUK is reporting "fantastic" results from the introduction of its new Texflex internal display system (see page 14 Sign Update Issue 115). "We've had a huge number of enquiries over the internet and have taken substantial orders in just a short space of time," says Stuart Bickley, Managing Director at KSUK.

According to Stuart, customers are replacing older and more cumbersome illuminated and non-illuminated displays of all sizes.

"The major reason for the exciting change is that this wonderful but simple product, Texflex, allows manufacturers to offer a solution that answers most of the questions being voiced by the purchasers. Customers who, to take account of all the issues concerning recycling, low carbon, low energy, and reduction in costs by eliminating costly engineers' time for call out charges, are choosing Texflex," explains Stuart.

The versatile Texflex system features sublimation printed high quality images on a textile substrate. Printing methods meet high targets for emissions, giving green benefits compared to printing on PVC materials, and both the textile and aluminium content are completely recyclable. Continuing the green theme, low voltage LED quarter lights are used for illumination to provide substantial savings in both servicing and energy usage.

Replacement graphics are sent by post and face changes are quick and easy with no tools or special skills needed.

For further details visit www.ksuk.co.uk or call 0121 783 0779.

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