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Sihl Direct launches DuraCURE range of new Backlit Films

Sihl DuraCURE Backlit Sihl Billboard

To complement its Backlit Films for latex printing, Sihl Direct UK has launched three new Backlit Films - DuraCURE Backlit 170, DuraCURE Backlit 130 and LightCURE Backlit 145 DS.

All three materials offer perfect flatness and are ideal to use with UV printers, as well as Solid Ink and offset systems. LightCURE can also be printed on laser printers. DuraCURE is an ideal combination of paper and film. Sihl uses a high proportion of paper in order to keep the product as environmentally friendly as possible, using only as much film as necessary to achieve high levels of stiffness and tear resistance.

The multifunctional surface makes DuraCURE ideal for various printing techniques and the rough paper structure gives the products a decorative character and distinguishes them from other ordinary Backlit media. The LightCURE Backlit film is a double-sided matt coated polyester film for light boxes. Thanks to the special coating processes, this film allows printing on both sides. This in turn produces the best results for both retracted and reflective light applications.

Ian Turnbull, Operations Director at Sihl Direct UK, says: "Once again, Sihl has taken advantage of its extensive research, development and manufacturing capabilities to launch an exciting, high quality range of products. The DuraCURE films allow for brilliant printed colour and perfect ink adhesion. They also offer very good cost to performance ratio and are an excellent range of products that enhance our Backlit Film range."

DuraCURE is available immediately from Sihl Direct UK and authorised resellers.

For more information call 0161 927 9051 or visit www.sihl-direct.co.uk

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