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Durst’s printing revolution for Digipress


Steve Jackson and business partner Ian Fitzgerald with the Durst P5 at the Digipress premises

Digipress has revolutionized its business after an investment in an expanded technology P5 350 hybrid platform from Durst. The all-in-one hybrid solution for flexible roll and board printing has been...

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N3 Display Graphics stepping ahead with Drytac Polar Street …


Floor graphics created using Drytac Polar Street FX aluminium print media.

Large-format graphics production and installation company N3 Display Graphics recently used Drytac Polar Street FX aluminium print media to produce a range of eye-catching outdoor floor graphics to promote social...

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ImagePerfect™ boosts décor range with affordable new glas…


Commercial building with colourful tinted windows created with ImagePerfect 7600 Coloured Window film

Spandex adds a new collection of ImagePerfect™ decorative and privacy glass films for application on interior and exterior windows, doors and partitions.

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Mimaki Announces Global Innovation Days


Promotional graphic promoting the Mimaki Innovation days.

The programme of events (2-4 June 2021), led by experts from Mimaki Japan, USA and Europe, will focus on addressing the needs of customers and prospects in their local markets...

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Wayfinding - March/April 2021

Incorporating lighting solutions into directional signage


A sign with lighting inside.

Wayfinding influences movement around a space, however with many competing factors within a built-up environment, effective and efficient wayfinding benefits from the incorporation of illumination.

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Directional Signage - Key features to look out for


Directional signage showing directions in a station

No-one likes to feel lost or confused and Directional Signage not only aids navigation in unfamiliar places but enhances confidence in the surroundings. Imagine you are in an airport, a...

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What makes a Pole and Plank solution ideal for outside direc…


Nova’s Pole and Plank System used to create a v-shaped sign

According to Nova Aluminium, their Pole and Plank system is ideal for wayfinding signage of all kinds. Designed to make directional signage simple, Pole and Plank has 15 extrusions in...

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What are the right environments for different directional si…


Contemporary Waypoint Fingerpost system at Battersea Power Station

As a trade sign manufacturer since 1973, Signscape and Signconex have become experts in the development and usage of various wayfinding sign systems. They cater to all sectors requiring signage...

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MegaLED'sDMX Mini ControllerRGB LED Modules

MegaLED has upgraded its top selling DMX controller to offer greater flexibility and ease of use by adding universal voltage input.

The London-based company designs and builds a range of drivers and controllers for LED and RGB displays, combining electronics into integrated systems for clients working for major brands.

Initially designed for a three hundred unit order, for an architectural project in Switzerland, the DMX MINI is a three channel controller for voltage driven, common anode LEDs. Its compactness and flexibility has made it one of the company's most popular products.

The DMX MINI is frequently used with RGB sign lighting modules and on light box back lighting projects. In general RGB sign lighting tends to use 12 volts while light box illumination, especially at larger sizes, is best driven at 24 volts.

MegaLED realised end customer requirements increasingly needed the 24 volt model but initially sold the DMX Mini in two versions, 12 or 24V, and customers had to specify voltage when they ordered. Stock left with suppliers or customers could not always be used on subsequent projects.

Version 2 of the DMX Mini with universal voltage input can handle all situations with a single model, so clients will not be left with units only suitable for one type of LED project.

Director Steve Kane explains: “The DMX MINI is a proven and mature product, and it's very flexible because of the way it can be programmed with our easy to use computerised controllers and integrated into other systems.

“Our engineers are amongst the best in the business and we're always looking for ways to develop our products and the service we're able to give. I'm confident this improvement will help our customers deliver their projects more efficiently.”

More information on the DMX MINI please call 0207 617 7311 or visit www.megaled.com