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Signarama teams up for success

The Birmingham South team in the Signarama building

The Signarama franchise is embarking on a “collaboration drive that seeks to empower smaller and independent business owners to take a bigger share in the UK’s billion-pound signage industry”.

The brand is looking to partner with existing businesses that will benefit from adding its products and services to their offering. At the heart of its campaign is Signarama’s new Light package, a complementary signage bureau ideal for existing print businesses. Independent signage companies also have the option to co-brand or even convert to a full production Signarama centre. At the same time, Signarama will bring business owners into their network, and provide a structure of support for planning and achieving growth.

Franchise Recruitment Manager, Annetta Doyle, said: “On the one hand, the signage industry is growing. In a buoyant economy, more businesses launch, expand and relocate and so the demand for signage and associated services increases. In a challenging climate, businesses need to do more to attract more custom, be more visible and stand out from the crowd and so demand increases! For larger and more established brands like ours, this is a win-win situation.

“We realised that we’re able to expand our own network by bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience into it from existing business owners whilst at the same time, helping them to secure their businesses for the long-term.

“We are experts in not just the signage industry, but in business development, financial strategy and diversification. Our international R&D department keeps our partners ahead of the competition by developing, testing and bringing products to market first. And our collective buying power allows you to leverage preferential terms with suppliers.

Research shows that many business owners have reached a plateau or need support in realising a capital return on their investment: whether that’s retirement planning or creating a saleable asset. It’s here, says Signarama, that collaborating with a franchise can make all the difference. A franchised business follows a model that is designed to maximise the value for your exit, whenever that may be. So, future planning and release value are things that naturally form part of a Signarama business plan.

Annetta said: “Probably the most important thing, is that collaboration doesn’t mean losing your identity or control of the business that you’ve successfully built so far. It’s about protecting it and securing your place in this billion-pound market for the future. And what could be more important than that?”

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