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Dutch government invests in wireless sign lighting

The start-up Stogger from the Netherlands, is the world’s first lighting producer that developed wireless lighting specifically tailored for the signage industry.

The Limburg Development and Investment Company supports Stogger with the development and market introduction of this unique concept. The production of channel letters still consists of a lot of manual labour. Manual placement of light modules is difficult, time consuming and costly, says the company. The effect is that western production companies lose increasing market share to companies in low wage countries, according to them.

Stogger has developed a new patent pending wireless lighting solution, especially to address the needs of channel letter producers. The solution has a few key features:

  • 48V 1,0W high power LEDs are used
  • Exceptional light output of 125 lumens/module
  • Square-light output allowing perfect sign lighting from 0.8” letter depth
  • Automated LED module application is possible

Due to the absence of wires, automated LED application in channel letters is possible. Sign producers can save up to 90 per cent on their LED lighting labour costs.

"Stogger has produced a truly disruptive product. The technology is safe and due to optimisation, our LED module is 69 per cent more energy efficient compared to traditional 12V LED modules. In order to strengthen the Dutch manufacturing industry, LIOF invests in this unique concept," says a spokesperson.

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