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Antalis creates strong attraction with new range of magnetics

Interior shot of cafeAntalis has launched a new range of large-format magnetic media for interior displays called Coala Magnetics. The company says they are the perfect products for promotional applications, providing outlets with a quick change, sign and display solution.

Coala Magnetics complements the Coala brand of products, to give retailers renewable large-format display graphics that are "fast and easy to apply". Incredibly flexible, the range allows outlets to re-apply and reposition graphics and messaging, which makes the range a cost-effective solution for shops and restaurants where branding needs to be regularly refreshed, says Antalis.

Antalis offers a solution that combines the magnetic adhesive base (Coala Magnetic Base Films) with the printable ferrous films (Coala Ferro Films). This allows a permanent magnetic wall to be created that can be updated with seasonal promotions in an easy and effective way. Coala Ferro Films deliver high levels of print quality and are suitable for printing with eco solvent and solvent inks, as well as UV inkjet and latex inkjet, says the company.

Interior shot of a shopWithout any professional assistance, users choose their preferred display surface (a wall, a door, a partition wall, or even cylindrical shape) and place the Coala Magnetic Base Film on top. Available in a variety of formats and thicknesses, this material serves as the base to position the Coala Ferro Films on.

The Coala Magnetics range also includes printable magnetic PVC in a wide variety of thicknesses, force and surfaces, suitable for applying directly to any metal object such as vehicles and electrical appliances.

Chris Green, Head of Channel, Antalis Visual Communications said: “Coala Magnetics builds on the existing Coala brand by providing a highly versatile range, ideal for businesses requiring fast-changing communications. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness afforded by Coala Magnetics means retailers are able to vary their visual merchandising at high-speed and low-cost, increasing the effectiveness of promotional material.”

The Coala Magnetics range

Base magnetic adhesive film

Coala Magnetic Base Self Adh Film 700mic, 620mm x 15m

Ferrous films

Coala Ferro PET Film 180mic 1370mm x 30m S/UV/L

Coala Ferro PET Film 180mic 1626mm x 30m S/UV/L

Coala Ferro PP Film 190mic 1370mm x 30m S/UV/L/WB

Coala Ferro Polycotton canvas 430mic, 1270mm x 30m S/UV/L/WB

Printable magnetic films

Coala Printable Magnet PVC 500mic 620mm x 30m S/UV/L

Coala Printable Magnet PVC 500mic 1000mm x 15m S/UV/L

Coala Printable Magnet PVC 850mic 620mm x 30m S/UV

Coala Printable Magnet PVC 850mic 1000mm x 15m S/UV

Antalis recently launched its inaugural ‘Antalis Interior Design Award’; a global competition designed to recognise and reward true ingenuity and creativity through the use of its Coala visual communications range. The competition, which has numerous categories for both in-situ and conceptual designs, is open until 31 December 2017.


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