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Progressing productivity for professionals with Roland's new PRO website

With online calculators that accurately illustrate returnon- investment, running costs and finance costs, the Roland PRO website is making simple online business costing tools available to all.

Roland DG UK Ltd has announced the launch of a new website to accompany its PRO range of commercial wide-format print solutions. www.rolandpro.co.uk went live in July and offers users of Roland PRO products the opportunity to access a number of business-savvy calculation tools, ensuring that they are getting the best out of their AdvancedJet, SolJet and VersaUV printers.

The website's tools include a powerful return on investment tool, an explanation of finance options for purchase and for rental, and a calculation of running costs. Users create a profile when they first log in, detailing their print set-up, specifying their machines, how many hours it prints each day and the typical print quality required. Also factored in are hourly labour costs, sale price per square metre and how many days the printer runs each month. From this profile, the site calculates running costs and how many months it will take for the machine to have paid for itself.

"The ROI calculator is useful for existing Roland printer owners who want to be reassured about their investment," explains Brett Newman, Head of Product Management at Roland. "But it is also an attractive option for new or potential investors who need to know very accurately how quickly their purchase will earn its keep depending on the inks and RIP they intend to use. More often than not it's a nice surprise how fast that actually is."

Alongside these business development tools is a side-by-side comparison of Roland's wide-format printing options and an in-depth overview of the VersaWorks RIP, which is supplied with the company's PRO range machines. There is also an update section which showcases how other users are making the most of their products, with a particular focus on new, innovative applications and uncommon, niche markets.

Users of the PRO site can request a ring-back from a Roland employee at any time and adjust their profile to account for changes in circumstance, media or use. Printers supported include the AdvancedJet AJ-1000i and AJ-740i; the SolJet PRO III XJ-740 and XJ-640; the SolJet PRO XC-540; and the VersaUV LEC-300.

For further information on Roland's product range visit the website www.rolanddg.com

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