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PixelRange launches PixelSmart pioneering a new wave in intelligent lighting

PixelSmart LED lighting fixturesPixelSmart LED lighting fixturesPixelSmart LED lighting fixture
PixelRange has extended its range of LED lighting fixtures with the newly launched PixelSmart, the game-changing luminaire that takes multifunction to a whole new level.

PixelSmart is the first product in a line up that pioneers a new wave in intelligent lighting. Not only is PixelSmart a veritable workhorse fixture able to light at 15-degrees, as a wash or a par can, it's also a dark horse, offering eye candy in abundance.

The unit comprises 13 CREE XPG warm white LEDs alongside 12 CREE MCE Quad LEDs RGBW to give the advantage not only of a vast spectrum colour palette, with a huge choice of both vivid saturates and subtle pastel colours, but unsually, a choice of brilliantly cool (XPE) or golden warm (XPG) whites.

PixelSmart's LED configuration gives a total of 61 channels and each one is individually addressable so each colour of each LED can be controlled in any combination at a given time. With no limitations, arrays of layering can be created via media server or lighting desk.

Further to the colour configuration and control, PixelSmart also features 40 internal chase effects programmable in two channels. Again though, that's just the start as PixelSmart has infinite capacity for any effects required.

PixelSmart combines 20 degree Ledil colour mixing optics FWHM (MCEs) with an 11 degree Ledil LXP-G Real Spot optic FWHM (XPGs) for maximum versatility as standard via a glass front panel lens. Further light-shaping diffusing lenses are available to vary the output beam angle. The optical design produces an extremely smooth, uniform output with outstanding colour blend while providing real power.

The fixture also offers a choice of dimmer curves, handing full control to the operator. Alongside standard and TV, is Tungsten, a new smooth dimmer that emulates the dimming of a tungsten lamp. PixelSmart is manufactured in heavy duty, machined billet with ABS (thermoplastic) back cap and external heatsink. Durability and longevity are assured. The unit is cool running and draws only 185 watts at maximum power.

PixelRange's PixelSmart is ideal for designers and rental or production companies looking to invest in a single fixture solution for theatre, concert touring, corporate event, exhibition or TV lighting applications. In size and shape it mimics the traditional PixelPar, and any one of the number of lamps made in its image, which allows PixelSmart to be very simply retrofitted in the place of all those already in existence.

For further information telephone PixelRange on 01905 363616 or visit www.pixelrange.co.uk

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