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New ‘Talking Sign’ from Innova Solutions

Innova-Talking-SignLancashire-based Innova Solutions has demonstrated its propensity for diversification with the introduction of the NovActive™ 'talking sign'. A custom-fit, slim-line and aesthetically pleasing solution to making signs 'talk', it uses the latest microengineering technology and dedicated software to provide a powerful but passive reinforcement for promotional campaigns and to enable signs to be more inter-active with their target audience.

Key features of the sign include multiple triggering options, high-quality acoustics and distortion-free volume to allow excellent reproduction of voice and music, an ability to record programmed messages on any PC or an SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card message storage facility. The NovActive talking sign can be designed as a Health & Safety advisory/cautionary tool, as an audible reinforcement for DDA-compliant signage or as a more innovative medium through which to carry out a wide variety of tactical commercial marketing campaigns.

The sign is fully programmable via a series of prompts simply by scrolling through the options on the remote control handset. Activation of the message can be timed to avoid too frequent delivery, as can the delay before activation. For example, this function will detect a person entering a washroom and will wait a predetermined time before issuing the message 'wash your hands'. Language and sequential delivery of stored messages can also be selected to enable delivery of constantly changing messages used typically in promotional campaigns and to provide a more inter-active mood.

A demonstration video of the NovActive sign can be accessed at: www.innovasolutionsonline.co.uk/promo.asp For further information, telephone Innova Solutions on 01282 867390.

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