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Third generation mild solvent ink set from Mutoh

Mutoh's MS Ultra Ink bottles and cartridgesWide format inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv announces immediate availability of a new set of CMYK mild solvent inks, called MS Ultra, for its Blizzard, Spitfire 65/90 Extreme and Spitfire 100 Extreme printers. This third generation Mutoh mild solvent ink will increase productivity through more efficient printing.

"Our new MS Ultra inks have been tuned specifically to our Spitfire Extreme and Blizzard printer families, offering the highest level of image quality and printer reliability," comments Arthur Vanhoutte, President of Mutoh's European Operations.

"They offer excellent stability and ensure uninterrupted printing for extended periods. Compared to our existing Mild Solvent and Mild Solvent Plus inks, the new MS Ultra inks will provide printer users an even wider media compatibility and a higher performance in number of square metres printed per hour. They also have a longer shelf life (18 months), require less maintenance (once a week) and last but not least, do not require daily printing, as typically is the case when using mild solvent inks. The new inks are available for both new printers and for installed-base printer users," Vanhoutte concludes.

The new MS Ultra cyclohexanone and NMP free inks are offered in safe and easy to use 440 ml ink cassettes and bulk ink bottles of one litre. For typical sign images (720 x 720 dpi) with an ink coverage of 67 %, ink cost amounts to 0.92 €/m². The inks are suited for indoor and outdoor commercial print applications. Outdoor UV durability is rated up to three years, without lamination. For heavy-duty applications involving mechanical stress, lamination is recommended.

Using a unique ink chemistry controlling the drop size on the media, the Mutoh MS Ultra ink offers a wide media compatibility across the broadest range of self adhesives as well as other flexible substrates. MS Ultra will give photorealistic prints as the printed dots will have perfect dot quality, even at the highest carriage speeds. The inks offer an excellent colour gamut and gloss preservation. Typical high quality banding-free production speeds of up to 16.5 sqm/h (Spitfire Extreme 65); 36 sqm/h (Blizzard 65) and 42 sqm/h (Spitfire 100 Extreme) can be obtained.

The new MS Ultra inks will be marketed all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa through Mutoh's network of authorized resellers.

The MS Ultra one litre ink bottles can be used in combination with Mutoh's bulk ink system (BIS) developed for speed-intensive, volume oriented users requiring a high-volume ink delivery and refill system. The bulk ink system offers unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention.

Each bottle can provide 1.2 litres of ink to the bulk feed cassette before requiring a refill. Each bulk feed cassette incorporates a floater level adjustment to accurately set the proper ink fluid pressure to the print head.

Mutoh's ink refill system can be easily mounted on top of the printer. No extra footprint is required. As such, the system will save space and will not disturb the operator during the print jobs.

For further information visit www.mutoh.eu

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