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two cars covered in red film racing car on a track smart car wrapped in patterned film

Amari Digital Supplies (ADS), who stock and distribute the MACtac range, has added a range of high-performance tuning films for vehicle decoration and detailing. The films complement the range of MACtac materials designed for full or partial vehicle wraps; and those that have been specially engineered for vehicle protection and preservation.

The tuning films are being used by owners of both commercial fleets and private vehicles. They offer a wide choice of coloured options and special finishes in a range of thicknesses and lifespans, to meet specific end-user requirements. They are supported by repositionable low starting tack adhesives to ensure a perfect bubble-free finish, says the company.

Key products in the range of tuning films include the Velvet, Sublime, Carbon, Brushed, Iridescent, Pearl Cream and Stellar formulations. These are available in a wide choice of matt and gloss colours and with varying lifespans of up to eight years.

For full or partial vehicle wraps, ADS offers the MACtac MACal 9800 Pro, MacPoly IMAGIN 900 and IMAGIN JT5500 plus CastRAP vehicle wrapping films. These are supported by vehicle protective and preservation films that include HORizon and CastLAM 3D laminates; the PVC-free Permacolor HORizon laminate for reinforced vehicle protection; and the 150-micron CrystalProtect that provides a complete shield for expensive vehicle bodywork.

The IMAGIN JT5500 plus CastWrap series of films are compatible with CastLAM gloss and matt and Permacolor HORizon laminating films. CastWrap films are ideal for extreme convex, concave, riveted and embossed 3D surfaces. While CrystalProtect provides maximum protection against the effects of stone chips, scratches, UV degradation and vandalism. The HORizon and CastLAM 3D laminates provide similar protection, with the matt finish of the laminates imparting an anti-reflective quality.


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