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Europoint to distribute Altuglas® Signature

close up of a piece of acrylic glassEuropoint has recently been appointed a UK distributor for Altuglas® Signature. This acrylic glass is half the weight and has twice the transparency of conventional glass. According to the company, this sheet has become the first choice design material for fabricators, architects and designers involved in point of sale displays, interior design and various forms of building construction.

When used with LEDs along the edges, Altuglas® Signature displays "amazing optical effects" that can change the colour of a room and create a different atmosphere. Depending on the power and illumination angle, a close mesh will make the sheet opaque, whilst a non-woven material unveils a dramatic 3D effect.

The Signature range is available in a collection of seven textures that are contained within the material itself, such as grids, meshes and lacework. There is even an option to produce a fully bespoke version using your own fabric design.

The range consists of, large and small gold grid, large silver grid, large silver and black grid, non-woven, moire and lace. Altuglas Signature meets all the requirements of the necessary impact and heat resistance material tests required for architecture and design. It can be line-bent or drape moulded and does not bleach. It can also be tinted, smoothed, pierced, screwed, or sawed and fabricates like wood, without the constraints of fibre.

Margaret Smith, Service Centre Manager, for Europoint said: “As an existing supplier of Altuglas, we are delighted to be offering this unique range in the UK. Together with our experienced sales team, we are able to help customers, and their clients, to achieve something very special in terms of design and leading innovation.”


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