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A new way to weld banners, marquees and tarpaulin

man operating table top machineThe HEMTEK ST is a new and compact bench mounted single user operated machine, which produce banners, marquees and tarpaulin with greater efficiency and less cost, says Welwyn Tool Group, who distribute it in the UK.

Developed by Leister, the HEMTEK ST is an innovative table top hem welding machine. One of the most significant advantages, is it can complete the whole welding process from the beginning to the end (with welding speeds of up to 12m per minute). It is no longer necessary to complete the welding process with a hot air hand tool afterwards. This not only saves on time but also labour costs, says the company.

It also increases efficiency by accommodating three different types of welding applications. The single guide on the machine is able to produce a fully welded hem (closed) in 20, 30 and 40mm sizes; an open hem (up to 100mm); and with keder / rope and pipe welding. Previously, this required the operator to use different guides to accommodate the various applications. The HEMTEK ST’s welding applications also replaces more traditional methods such as overlap welding or tape.

Another benefit is the ease in which the machine is operated. Simply mounted to a table top, once it is fixed into place using the secure quick clamp mechanism, it is ready to go. No setting up guides or fixing hot air hand tools into place.

A HEMTEK ST machineThe machine is controlled by a single foot pedal, which frees both of the operator’s hands to guide the material through. Other welding machines require a greater degree of skill and accuracy from the operator, which increases the chance of mis-aligned seams or poor quality hem edges.

The HEMTEK ST was developed to facilitate banner, marquee and tarpaulin manufacturers to cope with increased demand levels, enabling them to increase their production efficiency levels, reduce overall production costs and save labour time.

Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment, and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.

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