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Graphtec's enhanced performance flatbed plotter/cutter

The Graphtec flatbedGraphtec GB's range of plotter/cutters has been expanded with the introduction of the FCX2000 series of flatbed machines. They offer enhanced plotting/cutting capabilities, and incorporate a number of new design features for a much wider range of materials used primarily in the sign and graphics, digital printing and point-of-sale, says the company.

The FCX2000 is available in three sizes to suit different applications (920 x 610, 920 x 1,200 and 920 x 1,800mm). And a choice of either a vacuum suction or electrostatic material hold-down facility. The former is more suited to the processing of heavier and thicker materials, and the latter to the handling of lighter-weight media. The plotter/cutters offer a maximum cutting force of 9.8N (1Kgf) and a maximum cutting speed of 400mm/sec.

Key design features of the FCX2000 include a specially configured cutting head that incorporates two tool holders to provide a combined cutting, creasing or drafting function. There is also a USB port to allow offline operation, and the storage of files that can be retrieved remotely. A barcode function enables a printed bar code and the relevant cutting data to be recalled from memory and cut.

The FCX2000 also incorporates Graphtec’s latest proprietary ARMS 6 (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system. This advanced media detection and cutting solution allows users to flip the sheet of the material being processed and cut from the reverse side, which is particularly beneficial to creasing functions. The machine is also supplied with Graphtec’s new Pro Studio design and production software, plus a wide range of cutting tool options to accommodate different applications.

Described as the “ultimate solution” for processing a wide range of rigid, semi-rigid and flexible substrates, ranging from self-adhesive marking films used typically for window graphics applications; higher-density reflective films used in the manufacture of road and traffic signs; and heavier board materials used for point-of-sale display and packaging applications.


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