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MACtac Awards dinner - Winners celebrate

MACtac U.K. held its Awards dinner at Sedgebrook Hall, Northampton, in September in recognition of the UK winners of the 2008 competition (see July/August issue).

Beverly Ridings, Marketing Manager of Mactac UK warmly welcomed all the winners and guests on behalf of her colleagues. Beverly congratulated the winners and commented that again this year's competition in the UK had produced an overall European winner. This is the fourth time in a row that the UK has had a European Winner, which goes to show the high level of talent we have in the UK.

The guests included representatives from MACtac UK Distributors and representatives from the sign and digital trade press.

Max Linder, Marketing Director, MACtac Europe presented the UK winning applications - European Winner, National First, Second and Third winners, and those deemed by the jury as "highly commended" judged on the high quality of entry. Max also showed examples of other winning applications across Europe.

Chris Martin, Country Manager, MACtac UK, presented the European Winner with their stunning trophy, and the winners and highly commended entries with their framed certificates.

With the formal side of the evening over, everyone enjoyed a good meal and retired to the bar afterwards in the relaxed surroundings of Sedgebrook Hall.

European Winner - Jupiter Display (UK)

Jupiter Display produced a giant sculpture in the shape of an ampersand to enliven space between two roundabouts on the approach to Blue Water Shopping Centre. The jury commented particularly on the original execution and the contribution the sculpture made to the image of the area.
Products: JT59299, LF3999.
Distributor: Amari Plastics plc.

Jupiter Display's giant sculpture in the shape of an ampersand. MACtac award being accepted by Jupiter Display
National First Winner - Judy Foote

Artist Judy Foote designed unique decorations illustrating Roald Dahl books for a children's library in the Cardiff area. MACal 8400 transparent colours applied to windows with natural sunlight coming through make for a magical atmosphere.

Products: MACal8400.
Disbtributor: Andersons.

Images on window at library. MACtac winner, Judy accepting award.
National Second Winner - Kokoon Ltd

Kokoon internally decorated new studio offices with visuals appearing to be suspended in mid-air to give a feeling of space.
Products: MACal 8900, JT5828, LF3898.
Distributor: Amari Digital Supplies.

Corridor from Kokoon internally decorated new studio offices
National Third Winner - Raccoon Ltd

Raccoon Ltd decorated and wrapped some 25 of the world’s most expensive cars for the Gumball 3000 rally, which runs from London to Asia and back to London.
Products: JT5929MBF, MACal 9800.
Distributor: Andersons.

Black Porsche wrapped in vinyl flame effect graphics
Highly Commended - Signs amp; Imaging Ltd

Signs & Imaging were awarded a Highly Commended for creating a stunning entrance for the Dickens World indoor visitor complex in Chatham where Charles Dickens lived most of his childhood.
Products: JT5929PM, LF3697. Distributor: Amari Plastics. Products: MACal 8900, JT5828, LF3898.
Distributor: Amari Digital Supplies.

Highly Commended - AST Signs

AST Signs was recognised for its work applying graphics on the locomotive and 90 container carriages for Eddie Stobbart’s first full livered dedicated freight train in the UK.
Products: JT5529MBF, LF3399.

Highly Commended - Insignia Signs

Insignia Signs decorated the garage that houses the land train on Boscombe seafront using designs produced by eight year olds. The resulting beach hut imagery is in keeping with the area and blends in well with the rest of the promenade.
Products: JT5829R, LF3898. Distributor: Andersons.

Garage that houses the land train on Boscombe seafront decorated using designs produced by eight year olds.
Highly Commended - Digital Deadline

Digital Deadline used a printed visual behind a set of semi-transparent stripes. At a distance, the stripes are most visible but as you get closer, the details of the image become clear.
Products: JT5529P, LF3399. Distributor: Amari Digital Supplies.

Highly Commended - Sign Language amp; Vehicle Wraps Ltd

Sign Language and Vehicle Wraps joined forces to totally wrap 57 vehicles with graphics to promote 40 regional radio stations of the G CAP Media Group.
Products: JT5529P, JT5915, LF3399. Distributor: Andersons. Vehicle Wraps

Highly Commended - The Image Group

The Image Group installed a 3,500sq.m. graphic featuring an Alpine scene for the longest and widest, year-round, indoor snow and ski slope in Europe. The installation had to be made without drilling into the walls, special cherry pickers were used for the first six weeks but when the tin floor was laid these were too heavy and a crack abseiling team was used to complete the installation.
Products: JT5929, LF3998. Distributor: Pyramid Display Materials. A 3,500sq.m. graphic featuring an Alpine scene for an indoor snow and ski slope.

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