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Greenstock's LED flexible strip

strips of LEDsGreenstock supplies LED flexible strip and accessories for the electrical market.
Embedded on 8mm or 10mm wide flexible tape with a self-adhesive backing and with an extremely low profile, the high brightness LEDs are 'ideal' for a wide range of applications such as architectural and sign lighting.

The LED flexible tape has cut and re-soldering points at marked intervals throughout the tape (every 25mm or 50mm depending on type) allowing the length to be customised by cutting, terminating and re-joining as required. Greenstock also offers a wide range of easy to apply connection accessories including clip on joining connectors in L configuration suitable for fitting tape around corners or in right angle configurations, T pieces and 4 way splitters.

There are multiple grades of tape available offering different light outputs ranging from 4.8 to 19.2 watts per metre at 12V DC, with a correspondingly wide range of lumen outputs. Tape is available in a wide range of standard colours, various whites and in RGB colour changing variants. Standard IP20 and outdoor rated IP65 versions are also available. Greenstock is also able to offer custom colours or alternative IP ratings on request as special order items.

Greenstock offers a wide range of accessories including 12V DC power supplies and LED drivers. LED Dimming units and RGB controllers in both manual and RF remote control options. These enable colour change sequences, adjustment of static colours, strobe speeds and brightness settings of LED strips. And give the ability to change lighting settings to create mood and ambiance.

There are also aluminium profiles ideal for use where the LED is installed in a visible position. These not only act as an enclosure for LED strips but also as a valuable heat sink to the LEDs for increased life. Clear, frosted and opal diffuser styles are then available to clip onto the aluminium profile. There is also a range of controllers available for LED strip.

Where customers have a volume requirement for LED strips, Greenstock offers its U-Connect plug and play system, which creates an easy to install, custom lighting system in a 'cost-effective and high quality package'. For example, Greenstock's U-Connect system can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of customers lighting installations.


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