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LPflex Sign Systems

a lit up sign using LPflex LEDTrade Signs recently launched their new LPflex system, which is new to the UK's sign market. LPflex sign systems provide 'flawless' illumination, and can be manufactured in many lighting styles and combinations to 'cover any demand'.

It is a patented technology and has a lifespan, quality, and consistency matched by no other similar product on the market today, says the company. They say it is simply solid acrylic with embedded LEDs, which offers 'unparalleled possibilities in terms of design and creativity'. It can be used for interior and exterior signage or design elements.

The company said: "LPflex is high-end signage that can be made in a wide variety of striking designs, and is also often used for architectural signage due to its versatility and illumination uniformity. Trade Signs are extremely excited to offer this product to their customers, as this type of signage is highly desirable and an excellent selling tool to those high-end clients."

This new sign systems have a long lifetime, low degeneration and high energy efficiency. Manufacturers of LEDs in general refer to a long lifetime of being up to 100,000 hours and a low cost energy of up to 90 per cent compared to neon lighting, however they do not state anything about degeneration. Some LEDs can lose up to 70 per cent of their initial brightness after just a couple of months, but with LPflex sign systems this isn't the case.

'These sign systems are brilliant for illuminated letters that are 200mm and above, and are also perfect for flagship stores, and small illuminated lettering. Even the smallest of letters can be illuminated with LPflex sign systems. Letters are cut by high-precision router, and laser cutters and look absolutely stunning in any location.'

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