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Fujifilm introduces roll inkjet printer for the sign and graphics market

model of the Fujifilm-VybrantF1600-printerFujifilm is launching a new large format printer targeted at the sign industry. The Vybrant F1600 is a 1.6m roll-to-roll device featuring their patented FUZE hybrid UV ink technology.

Fujifilm's FUZE technology can improve the efficiency and results achievable within a large format production environment, says the company. The UV component of the ink produces a 'durable ink film with strong scratch resistance'. While an eco-solvent carrier results in low ink build and improves the flexibility in terms of handling and finishing. Thanks to the UV curing capability, no de-gassing time is required, and substrates can be finished and shipped immediately after print.

The Vybrant F1600 is a four colour CMYK machine with a productivity of up to 18.0 m2/hour and guarantees adhesion to a wide range of substrates. The device is 'ideal' for printing vinyl or any other flexible materials to create indoor or outdoor applications where durability and quick delivery times are key. The combination of UV chemistry with an eco-solvent carrier offers vivid colour reproduction, resulting in a smooth glossy print.

Mike Battersby, large format marketing manager at FUJIFILM Speciality Ink Systems, said: "The Vybrant F1600 is a highly effective roll-to-roll platform that increases the competitiveness of small and medium large format printers.
"Fujifilm's FUZE technology integrates the unique benefits offered by UV chemistry with an eco-solvent carrier. The durability, flexibility and high gloss finish print produced by the Vybrant F1600 will help companies to take their production performance to the next level and provide customers with quick turnaround jobs."
The printer will be commercially available in summer 2014.


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