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LaserPro MG380 Hybrid – the best of both worlds

A model of the laserproThe LaserPro MG380 Hybrid with dual laser tubes is the latest machine to join the line up of LaserPro engraving and cutting machines at Grafityp UK Ltd.

Equipped with both a metal laser tube and a glass laser tube, it allows the user to produce 'superior' engraving and cutting work. The MG380 Hybrid is packed with user friendly features that include the unique automatic dual lasers switch function. This enables a switch between the RF driven metal tube and high powered DC excited CO² glass tube within one second, to deliver extraordinary engraving effects and produce a clear cutting edge. There is no need to have two machines says Grafityp, it's all here in one and will save on space! 'Enjoy the high engraving quality of metal laser tubes while taking advantage of the low cost per watt of the high powered glass tube laser for cutting. The MG380 offers an excellent solution for maximising profits'.

The LaserPro MG380 Hybrid is a 'stylish' design that has front and rear pass through doors enabling long work pieces to be dealt with easily. Its solid structure ensures 'superior output quality and motion stability for superb performance'.


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