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The ‘bonding people’ fix gap in the market with new tape

Stairs covered in Duraline floor markingInnova Solutions, known for creating specialist adhesives, have developed a range of 'NovaTough DuraLine Anti Slip' floor marking tapes. Due to their over-laminated, embossed clear layer, the tapes give 'more protection to the printed material than any other printed floor tape'. Designed for ramps, steps, staircases, platforms, warehouses, corridors and walkways in both manufacturing and commercial environments, the tapes are proven to reduce injuries and claims. All the DuraLine range is BGR classified to R11 for slip resistance for use as a floor graphic.

Glenn Dunleavey, Managing Director of Innova Solutions said: "DuraLine was developed in response to customer demand for a very high quality product with excellent aesthetics and durability that had internationally recognized safety accreditations. We think the robust construction of the DuraLine range, coupled with the excellent print quality really fits the bill. So far, we have had a great response."

The new line of products also includes the NovaGlow DuraLine tape that complements their 'glow in the dark' safety range. Its high glow photoluminescent technology 'facilitates safe and effective egress' even under 'lights-out' or 'smoke filled' emergency conditions. Available in either plain or printed format, NovaGlow DuraLine shares the same R11 classified laminate as NovaTough but also boasts PSPA Class B photoluminescent certification.

Dunleavey said: "NovaGlow DuraLine Tape is the only floor marking tape on the market to have recognised accreditations for both photoluminescence and anti-slip properties making it an obvious choice if you need a tape that is tough, hard wearing and highly visible."


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