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Record orders for Sagetech

A sagetech vertical sawSagetech, the British manufacturer of vertical panel saws, had a record order intake at Sign & Digital UK this year.
More sign makers are recognising the benefits of in-house cutting, compared to having materials pre-cut, says the company. Because of the "inevitable dependence on the quality of the supplier, and the hidden overheads of originating and monitoring the requirements for each customer’s order".

Sagetech saws offer a number of advantages over the guillotine type systems, with greater scope for cutting a wider range of materials, says the company. For example the thicker acrylics, and material such as solid aluminium. Sagetech even demonstrated successfully cutting a piece of 10mm thick aluminium at the show, having only shortly before cut a piece of Corex for a fellow exhibitor on the same machine!

Sagetech Limited, who specialise in vertical panel saws for the smaller business, offer four ranges of single phase machines. The Zapkut brand is for lighter duties; starting with the unique ZK8 portable unit, which when not in use can be folded up compactly and stored. The Zapkut ZM range, recently significantly upgraded, is also suitable for cutting signmaking materials, but will handle heavy duty such as MDF or chipboard. The Koolkut brand is for those needing a heavier duty machine, where the KF and KK Koolkut units offer capacities up to 3.1 x 2.1M. So these are capable of handling the big acrylic sheets which usually come in 3 x 2M sheets.


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