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Sign & Digital UK celebrates 25 years of serving the industry

The Sign & Digital UK team are proud to reveal their plans for the 25th Anniversary of Sign & Digital UK 2012.

Alan Caddick, marketing manager for the show explains; "We want to celebrate a quarter of a century of innovation and creativity within our industry and we want to celebrate it with our visitors. We need your help to put together a 25 year gallery that will show iconic machinery and images that help represent the industry over the past 25 years."

There will be a dedicated area on the show floor which will host the 25 year gallery where visitors (and exhibitors) will be able to walk around and see machinery and tools in the flesh as well as photographs and images of the things that have really stood out since 1987.

The organisers would welcome anything you think or feel would be relevant, including:

Living examples of machinery that will help bring the gallery to life – product, kit  or tools that can be displayed on the gallery floor.

Images to bring the story to life and explain it in a visual sense to those that may not already know. Photos or pictures of people in their workshops, working on-site or just wearing really bad clothes, sporting a dodgy haircut or a Magnum P.I. moustache!

In addition, if you are unable to provide 'in the flesh' machinery for whatever reasons but do have images, then please send those in to be included on the gallery wall.

This is meant to be a celebration and fun as well as interesting and informative so anything you think will fall into any of these categories will be welcome.

There will be more information coming soon so please keep your eyes on the website, exhibitor newsletters and press for further details and follow @signanddigital on twitter

If you wish to get involved or find out more, please email the team at signanddigitaluk@fav-house.com with the subject: 25 year gallery.

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