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AXYZ launches integrated digital print finishing solution

Trident 4010 digital finishing machineA close up of the Trident heads

AXYZ International, who supply routing, engraving and cutting systems, has launched a hybrid digital finishing solution. It said to be the "most innovative and versatile combined CNC routing and knife-cutting solution currently available". Called the AXYZ Trident, it provides a three-pronged processing capability; router spindle plus oscillating and tangential knife units, within a single "powerful production workhorse".

Trident has been developed to resolve issues frequently encountered by digital print finishers. In particular those that relate to the need to process an ever-increasing range of different flexible and rigid substrates that require a wider, longer and deeper processing capability. As well as having to buy at least two different types of machine to carry out all of the routing and cutting requirements of digital print finishing.

The routing spindle/oscillating/tangential knife-cutting combination works "efficiently and harmoniously" to handle materials that might prove challenging for traditional routers. They increase throughput by as much as 50 per cent by comparison with other AXYZ machines, according to the company. Due to the triple-head configuration of Trident, it is possible to process virtually any flexible and/or rigid substrate. Including materials as diverse as aluminium and other non-ferrous metals; aluminium composites (ACM); acrylic and plastics; foamed and corrugated board; vinyl; cardboard and paper.

Standard processing areas of the machine range from 1524 x 1219 to 2159 x 3048mm, with virtually any length of material accommodated. The narrower carriage construction contributes to a 12 per cent smaller footprint by comparison with other AXYZ machines. The Trident also incorporates interchangeable blade attachments that can be as long as 120mm for more efficient processing of harder, heavier and thicker materials.

Other key design benefits of Trident include a rigid steel frame construction to better accommodate more vigorous machine operation; an exclusive live vacuum deck that provides a maximum material hold-down capability; and an integrated latest helical rack and pinion system for enhanced routing/cutting precision. These benefits are supplemented by servo-drive motors for high-speed performance and up to 10hp routing spindles to deliver an increased power capability for the more demanding projects.

For digital print finishers, AXYZ Trident represents a “best in class” production solution that offers "greater flexibility, versatility and a more powerful performance capability by comparison with any other digital print finishing alternative solution on the market".


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