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New transparent LED window displays

A graphic of the transparent LED technologyThe transparent digital signage specialist Crystal Display Systems (CDS) has launched its next generation of window displays, which "create an amazing impact on shop fronts and windows".

The transparent LED technology allows stores to create that high impact video displays whilst allowing people to see into the shop. This change means the shop has the best of both worlds, says CDS, with high impact marketing and brand raising messages whilst still opening it up to passers-by.

CDS think this could change the face of the shop front as an "enticing vehicle for both customers and store owners as previously this was not possible".
This digital showcase product is a flexible solution, since they can show content (images, videos, messages) in the format and resolution that customer needs to capture that wider audience, while enabling people to see the products inside the shop, according to the company.

These transparent LED screens offer "great flexibility and versatility", since the screen is a modular structure and can be designed to the size and shape of the window. This maximizes space for the shop.

The optimal distance of viewing of transparent LED screens is important, says CDS. So they are manufactured with a resolution as to be viewed from the street; and even in sunlight they perform "very well" due to high brightness LEDs (up to 6000 cd/M2.)

A CDS spokesperson said: "The visual impact is amazing as for the first time shops and brands can show these amazing images and messages without blocking the view to their shop. Christmas promotions could be invigorated and bring shops to life at a very special time of the year!”


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