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Interview on the latest HP Latex R-Series 2020 Edition webinar

Terry Raghunath from HP, with a wide format printer in the background.
Terry Raghunath: HP's Business Development Manager for Graphics Solutions Business.

With exhibitions and trade shows across the world cancelled or postponed this year, it may seem like the print industry is on pause. But HP is showing that's not the case with an online, interactive webinar presenting updates of the latest evolution of its groundbreaking HP Latex technology: HP Latex R-Series 2020 Edition.

The webinar will be held on June 17th 2020 at 11am hosted by Terry Raghunath, HP's Business Development Manager for Graphics Solutions Business. Multi-lingual and multi-skilled across a myriad of channels, with a total of 22 years' experience at HP, Terry is the ideal person to run this insightful session. Here, he gives more details on what to expect.

What will the HP Latex webinar cover?

The webinar on June 17th will begin with a question: what if there were an alternative to UV for rigid media, a clean, odourless, water-based technology, that achieved excellent image quality including durable white, and was as easy to use as any other ink? Two years ago HP answered this question with the introduction of the HP Latex R-Series. We'll then look at what other questions - and market demands - have been answered with the launch of the latest developments in HP Latex R-Series 2020 Edition. We'll focus on the new world of applications and business opportunities that the latest R-Series upgrades will open up to print service providers, sharing real-world case stories that showcase our customers' work around the world.

Who should attend the HP Latex 2020 webinar?

We're looking forward to welcoming a diverse, international audience to the HP Latex R Series 2020 webinar. Key delegates will include existing users of HP Latex and people who may be new to the Latex R-Series, and members of the press are always welcome. It will be informative for people across multiple markets including users working in or looking into the retail market, short-run promotional packaging, applications like thermoforming and those interested in hybrid capabilities. Even during normal circumstances not everyone is able to attend a physical demonstration, at a trade exhibition for example, so we're embracing this opportunity of an online format to ensure maximum accessibility. We intend to focus on the exciting applications and added value potential of the HP Latex R-Series, rather than on technical details, to really inspire our guests. The online event will conclude with a Q&A, so attendees can have their queries answered by HP experts there and then.

When is the HP Latex 2020 webinar and how can people sign up?

The HP Latex R-Series 2020 Edition webinar is scheduled for 11am BST on June 17th 2020. Delegates can register for free now here and receive a link to the webinar via email.

More information on HP Latex R-Series can be found at https://www.hpvirtualbooth.com/uk/printer/hp-latex-r2000-plus-printer?jumpid=af_q4kr1hzwci


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