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AXYZ router provides an infinite solution for sign makers

AXYZ Infinite 6010 CNC router
AXYZ Infinite 6010 CNC router

Building on the legacy of 30 years’ experience in the development and supply of technically advanced CNC routing/cutting systems, AAG (AXYZ Automation Group) has set a new benchmark for machine price-to-performance capability, configurability and longevity with the appropriately named AXYZ Infinite router.

This latest addition to the AXYZ family of routing/cutting systems can be configured with a choice of single, dual or triple processing heads to facilitate a wider range of applications in the sign manufacturing and associated graphics/digital printing industries. Apart from the familiar robust solid steel frame construction to accommodate the most vigorous machine operation likely to be encountered, the AXYZ Infinite also incorporates a number of new machine enhancements that will help increase existing productivity levels. These include a redesigned carriage that enables the processing of much longer lengths of material as well as providing easier access for routine servicing and maintenance, an improved dust extraction unit to prevent clogging of the machine and a more efficient misting system for machine cooling and lubricating functions.

The AXYZ Infinite is available in a choice of sizes to suit different production requirements, with widths ranging from 1524mm up to 3270mm, lengths from 1220mm up to 15.24m and variable gantry heights for better materials compatibility. It is also available in a staggering 367,000 different machine configurations and with multiple routing/cutting tool options, including those for print and cut applications.

As with all AXYZ routers, the Infinite is available with a raft of both standard and optional machining enhancements. These include the AXYZ ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system for work requiring multiple tools that is available with up to 33 different tool-change stations, the latest A2MC machine control system, the AXYZ Zone Management facility for increased material hold-down efficiency and the camera-enabled AVS (AXYZ Vision System) for optimum machining accuracy. There is also the option of the latest helical rack and pinion drive system that helps spread the workload more evenly, leading to faster throughput speeds, reduced machine wear and ultimately a longer than normal machine life.

As required, The AXYZ Infinite can be packaged with the Vectric VCarve Pro and optional Aspire design and production software programs, with the latter enabling 2D and more advanced 3D routing/cutting. As a consequence, machine owners can now engage with new markets beyond their existing core businesses and thereby introduce a vital additional revenue stream.

Technical support is provided for the AXYZ Infinite at different levels. This includes remote diagnostics whereby AXYZ engineers can quickly assess and rectify any machine malfunction without the need for  time-consuming on-site visits if these are considered unnecessary, the AXYZ Service Support Plan through which member companies receive a more intensive support facility and the AXYZ CNCShop that provides 24/7 online access to all replacement spare parts, accessories and consumables.

An added incentive for potential new owners is the AXYZ machine trade-in initiative. This enables the part exchange of an existing machine, regardless of age and condition, for a new AXYZ Infinite router at a saving of up to £7,500.

For further information, visit www.axyz.co.uk and follow the link or telephone 01952 291600.


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