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Vivid unveil Boss Bloc anti-bacterial OPP and laminating film

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Vivid Laminating Technologies has announced the introduction of Boss Bloc. An anti-bacterial addition to its range of Boss laminating films. Within the Boss Bloc range, there is OPP film, available in matt and gloss. As well as, wide-format pressure-sensitive film available in matt.

Using a formula based around silver ion technology, Boss Bloc eliminates 99% of bacteria and is the perfect product for stopping the growth of bacteria on print. Another fantastic benefit is its durability, it is built to last the lifetime of the product it is added to. Therefore, you do not need to frequently replace the film for continued anti-bacterial protection. All you need to do is clean it as you usually would.

Martin Evans, Vivid’s Managing Director said, “it’s something we’ve been putting research and development into for a while. With an extended effort over the last few months. We’re aware that many of our customers serve sectors such as leisure, hospitality, health and education which will benefit greatly from an anti-bacterial laminating film. Now more than ever, we need to be conscious of hygiene and protecting ourselves as well as everyone around us, Boss Bloc can be a great contributor to that”.

Manufactured in Europe as well as tested and verified by ISO, you can rest assured that Boss Bloc does what is promised. It has been proven to be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Therefore, the scientific consensus is that it will work against other bacteria in the same way.

If you’re familiar with the Boss range, you’ll know to expect a premium finish, which is exactly what you’ll get from Boss Bloc. Vivid’s Boss range comprises a huge variety of pouches, OPP, wide format, vinyl and much more. With premium-quality finishes across the board, no matter the job you’re doing, the solution is in the Boss range. To find out more about Boss Bloc or the rest of the Boss range, call 01530 510956 or email sales@vivid-online.com.

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