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Gravotech laser marking solutions

Gravotech LS900 fiber laser engraver Close up of lasered text

The traceability marking specialists have redesigned its laser ranges and present the newest solutions: Fiber-Series, Hybrid-Series, Green-Series and CO2-Series.

Gravotech will introduce these new machines for the first time at LASYS Exhibition at the end of the month. Other innovations in marking, engraving and laser cutting will also be shown at their stand.

    Among the major innovations:
  • New 3D module: "guarantees" quality marking on multi-level surfaces or inclined surfaces.
  • Vision Manager: integrated vision system that ensures full traceability. Detecting the piece to mark, instant control of 2D codes content and data recording.

"These innovations are real technological breakthroughs and allow to cross new boundaries in traceability marking," says a spokesperson.

Gravotech is one of the few manufacturers to develop software solutions for CAD – CAM and the software management of its machines. Discover the re-designed Gravostyle ™ 8 software for controlling Gravotech’s engraving machines; as well as 3D laser engraving capabilities of LASERTYPE, the professional software solution designed for laser machines.

20 years experience in laser technology
With over 20 years in laser technology, Gravotech uses all the properties of the laser beam and its different wavelengths to "enrich the mastery" in permanent marking and provide an expanding range of applications. Gravotech lasers are widely used in commercial, institutional and industrial applications whether to personalise, engrave, cut or identify.

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