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Convert shop fronts into digital advertising spaces

piece of glass with pink splash going throughTransparent LED displays allow the shopfront or atrium to be converted into a digital advertising space, whilst allowing transparency into the building, says Crystal Display Systems.

This means retailers can maximise the impact of advertising campaigns without blocking out larger areas of the windows. Sunlight is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out.

Their modular structure allows systems to be built to accommodate windows of all sizes, including atriums that span several floors, and content can be delivered via a customised controller.

The LED displays are available in several pixel pitches, which allow for the viewing distance and content to be tailored to the individual location and objective of the campaign.

The displays are installed inside the store behind the existing glass and the modular LED arrays are built to a custom sub frame (manufactured of high quality aluminium, which can be installed in several ways depending on the site).

Options for mounting
- Modular digital poster for small installs
- Ceiling hung using steel cables anchor bolts or clamps
- Floor to ceiling braces
- Freestanding with base support
The LED displays are available in two brightness levels, 2500cd for indoor shopping malls, and 6500cd for outdoor facing windows. Brightness is automatically adjusted by an optional ambient light sensor, which allows for the optimum visual clarity in any light conditions.
“These displays can bring a large format advertising medium in a way that is not imposing on the ambience of the area, and offers a genuine ‘wow factor’ previously unavailable,” says a spokesperson.

four screens showing a digital imageThere is also an optional full outdoor version that can be mounted externally. This allows for building advertising across windows, which allow natural light in to the building; but also the lightweight structure makes installation and structural reinforcement much simpler.


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