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Opportunity knocks for Expand International

Winston Churchill said, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

While the current economic climate has put exhibition plans into turmoil for many companies that had booked space only stands, having planned to custom build their displays but now finding budgets tight; the situation does offer opportunities for the optimistic large format printer that proactively provides a range of cost effective solutions.

Two main ranges are aluminium extrusion modular stands and those pop-up systems that allow the exhibitor to build more complex designs from their components. Both offer flexibility and scalability; however the pop-up system tends to be far simpler to build.

The Expand 2000 pop-up from Expand International is one such system. Working from a range of basic components it is possible to design a wide range of different configurations and the ability to have the frames built to order further extends the flexibility of the system. It is highly cost effective compared to custom build as all the items can be used over again and can be reconfigured to fit different situations.

The development of the integrated MonitorStand allows the inclusion of flat screen monitors with moving images to catch the eye as an integral of the display. The addition of optional extras such as showcase units, shelves and PodiumCase really do offer the cash in testing times strapped exhibitor a credible alternative to custom build at a price that allows them to grasp the opportunity out of the difficulty.

Find out what Expand International can do for you at www.expandmedia.com or telephone 0208 540 8800.

A range of basic components from the Expand 2000 system.

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