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POS - a cost effective marketing solution in testing times

2 UK POS directors
As marketing budgets get slashed and businesses fight for a piece of the rapidly reducing pie, maybe its time to look towards traditional marketing methods. Leading UK point of sale designer and manufacturer, UK POS, believes its methods of promotion represent a valuable investment when looking for cost-effective marketing solutions.

UK POS Sales and Marketing Director, Debra Jamieson commented: "Reports already suggest that buying behaviour is rapidly changing due to the current economic climate. Consumers are taking more time to weigh up their options by looking around for the best deal. A nation of bargain hunters sadly means businesses have to compete harder than ever to secure sales. Businesses and their brands need to make consumers fully aware of their offerings from the moment they step in store."

With 20 years experience in the industry, UK POS considers it the perfect time for businesses to get back to basics with tried and tested methods of in-store promotion such as PoS.

Getting more for your money is also particularly important in a recession where budgets are cut and margins being squeezed, especially when it comes to marketing. Maybe, argues UK POS, it's time to forget the bells and whistles expensive digital PoS items and opt for other low cost, high impact alternatives. UK POS manufactures poster holders, shelf talkers, literature dispensers, and the like, which can tick all the same boxes at a fraction of the cost.

What's more, with mainstream PoS it's never too late to get that last minute message across to give sales a final push. UK POS manufactures many of its products in Stockport, Greater Manchester, so can also provide a quick turnaround.

For further information, visit the website www.ukpos.com or telephone 0845 8731600.

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