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The IPIA and BAPC combine forces

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The Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) and the British Association for Print & Communication (BAPC) have combined forces as part of their shared mission to raise the tide for print in the long-term. The move will see the two embark on a new journey and bring together the strengths of both organisations to create an enhanced trade association.

Sidney Bobb, who assumes the role of BAPC President following more than three decades as Chairman, comments: “In these times of unprecedented change it is important that the leading industry bodies work together.

“That is why we have chosen to merge the BAPC with the IPIA, combing all our respective strengths and values, to support all the members and deliver the most comprehensive range of services possible."

The BAPC was founded as the key trade association more than forty years ago, representing the newly developed retail and quick print sector. It provides access to a huge amount of resources in expertise, knowledge, new technologies, ideas as well as assistance. As a collective group of print outlets, it provides members and associate members access to smarter ways of working, a wide range of support services and all kinds of stimuli to encourage business growth.

Empowering print

Graeme Smith, Chairman of the IPIA and long-standing Council Member comments: “We believe this is the next step in our evolution as we as look to build a stronger organisation that supports the business of print as it creates a new normal.

“What is absolutely critical to this endeavour is that we empower our members to realise the value they represent to the end-customer, and how they can leverage that to improve their long-term business prospects, and ultimately, their profitability.”

The IPIA was formed in 1990 as a not-for-profit trade association focused on helping its members grow and develop their businesses. Constantly evolving and adapting to contemporary market demands, it delivers ongoing value, support and counsel to members through a comprehensive range of benefits, services, events and publications. In particular, the IPIA assumes a crucial role as an industry ambassador championing print.

Shared values

Brendan Perring, General Manager of the IPIA, and now Chairman of the BAPC adds: "I have worked with Sidney and the BAPC for more than a decade, and our two organisations have already developed a strong bond and partnership. Both trade associations will retain their unique values and character, but by combining our operational assets and conducting platform sharing, the whole will no doubt be greater than the sum of its parts. 

"I would also like to extend a personal debt of gratitude to Sidney, who has been a business mentor to me for many years. I have watched how he and the BAPC have helped thousands of businesses in our sector to navigate a sustained period of intense and rapid evolution, and he is held in very high esteem by us all. Working closely with him as President will be another great adventure for us both."

About the IPIA

Founded in 1992, the IPIA is a print industry, not for profit, membership association. It is deeply committed to supporting its members and helping them excel by expanding their business horizons, grow using targeted member collaboration, adapt to ever evolving market forces, and thrive through mutual support.

About the BAPC

The BAPC, run by printers for printers, provides members with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. Being frontline the Association has concentrated on developing services and facilities that will directly help BAPC members survive and succeed. It is the aim of the Association to cultivate a “community of print” that acts as a forum for the graphic arts industry to work together for mutual benefit.

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