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Architech - a brand new curved insert sign system encompassing all Ashby's high standards

Ashby's brand new Altendof sliding table saw.Diagram showing how the component parts fit together.Diagram showing how the component parts fit together.Totem monolith sign incorporating part directory, with vinyl graphics for exterior use.The Totem Projecting with black leatherette look wall plate.Wall mounted system, using HIPs media insert for exterior use.The Suspended system, with hook and eye clip for easy fixing of the different levels.
Cost effective, plentiful supply, fast turnaround - with all those old niggly issues improved. Architech is the enhanced curved insert system the market has long awaited.

Having served the UK marketplace for over seven years with a curved insert sign system, Ashby feel they are perfectly placed to boast they know what the market likes, dislikes and would seek to improve from such a system. Ashby is proud to launch Architech, the company's own stylish, lightweight, curved system, designed to fulfil all the signmaker's requirements. What is more, for those with a "Back Britain" mentality, it is all manufactured and assembled in-house, in Ashby's 24,000 sq.ft. Berkshire factory.

Architech is available in seven extruded sections: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm (A5), 215mm (A5/A4), 300mm (A4/A3), 420mm (A3/A2) and 600mm (A2/A1). Length is selected to suit the customer, rather than dictated at pre-set sizes. The five smaller sections have black plastic end caps available as an alternative to standard silver anodised, which can be powder coated if required. The acrylic anti-glare face cover comes in two thicknesses, for optimum handling in the smaller sizes.

Component parts are available to order for self assembly, but far more simple is to let Ashby complete your system for you, with a speedy delivery.

For simplicity, extrusion sizes suit standard A5, A4, A3 & A2 paper sizes, since the most common insert an end user will be using is paper. However, other media fit in just as well, such as digital prints, HIPS, or even a Braille plaque, sustaining the essential return business for the signmaker.

Architech's name was chosen to depict the curve with the 'arch', coupled with the 'tech' for a technical system. It is available in seven different types, offering two diverse curves - one on the horizontal curving top to bottom, the other on the vertical curving left to right. The styles include wall mounting, suspending, projecting in slim or wide format, totem in slim and wide format, post mounted, desk top and bespoke projects are available in any of the styles. In addition, directory signs can be made up in any of the formats, with either a vertical or horizontal split.

As always, Ashby has not compromised price for quality. This superb, enhanced system is actually priced at approximately 40 per cent less than the previous product. That makes it a significantly better profit opportunity for the signmaker, while offering many improved features. Moreover, the products are so similar visually that it's hardly noticeable when adding to existing projects.

A distinct advantage to the wall-mounted system is in the innovative Clicloc installation method. To avoid unsightly screw holes being visible on the back section, Ashby developed a back mounting plate which is fixed up first of all. Then the front cover is snapped into place on top of this, creating a smooth visible backboard area. What is more the smaller sections - 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 215mm and 300mm - all come in one complete section, with either the vertical or horizontal curve.

This allows a vinyl print to be applied directly to the back section, without the dividing line encountered in the two-section 420mm and 600mm extrusions. Three fixing kits for the wall mounted system are offered, to either screw to a wall (with or without drill bit) through the pre-drilled back plate, or an adhesive pad kit to attach to a smooth surface such as glass.

The Suspended system has been adapted to allow easy fixing of the different levels, with a hook and eye clip which comes in four heights (25, 50, 150 and 400mm). Always following a horizontal curve, the extrusion is available in widths of 50mm, 100mm and 150mm. However, if particularly required, a 215mm and 300mm extrusion can be used in a bespoke system.

The Projecting system was designed to give wider viewing angles than previously offered, and represents more of a triangular shape. It can be manufactured in four extrusion widths up to A3 size (100, 150, 215 and 300mm) and has a simple keyhole fixing method which is completely hidden when erected. Available in a horizontal curve direction, it is ideally suited for corridor signs, marking door entrances.

The Totem Projecting sign system is a much slimmer, oval shaped projection, fixed to a laser cut stainless steel wall plate. This is powder coated to a stylish black leatherette finish. The extra backing plate allows for a much wider projection (dependant on extrusion size) and can be taken in the 100mm, 150mm, 215mm and 300mm extrusions, with a horizontal curve. If required a single sided version can be manufactured, although the usual format is with a double sided outlook.

The Totem sign can come in a slim or wide format, with a single or double sided outlook. Available up to a maximum 2500mm tall, it comes in the wider extrusion widths of 300mm, 420mm and 600mm, with a vertical curve. The totem sign lends itself perfectly to a part or full directory format and would make a stylish entrance foyer or display area sign.

The Post Mounted signs are suitable for ground or surface mounting on the 60mm silver anodised post and primarily come double sided, naturally with a vertical curve. Generally available in the larger extrusions of 300mm, 420mm and 600, Ashby will manufacture bespoke signs in the 215mm extrusion if required.

Desktop signs are not just to be thought of as a reception desk item. With a vertical curve, the extrusion comes in 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 215mm widths. However, the 300mm section can also be used in bespoke systems, which lends itself perfectly to menus, price lists or instruction notices, and can even come double sided. The innovative end cap can be raised form high to low level, offering even more versatility.

Subject to the media used, all these signs are perfectly suited to indoor or outdoor usage. The hard wearing aluminium extrusion and acrylic anti glare cover are all weather proof and if vinyl, digital print or hips are displaying the message, there is no reason not to secure the sign in the exterior. In fact, the acrylic cover could be discarded altogether if necessary, with the media attached directly to the backing plate. The sleek design and versatile styles offered lend themselves to almost any application.

Ashby has invested a great deal of time in ensuring the requests and criticisms of signmakers over the years have been taken into account in the design of Architech. It is a practical product, ready for hands-on use. The company has invested in specialist machinery to ensure speed of manufacture is maintained at a premium level, and has a warehouse brimming with stock ready to fulfil even the largest orders. The Ashby Sales Team is well informed and able to provide prompt quotations so that the majority of orders can be fulfilled on a same day basis.

Ashby is circulating a comprehensive brochure to the industry, which depicts each aspect of Architech, to ensure the signmaker has a full and detailed knowledge of how he can achieve his signage project. There's even an itemised sample kit, to allow signmakers the opportunity to select precisely which items they are interested in, all at heavily discounted prices.

To receive literature or for a free wall mounted sample, telephone Ashby's sales team on 0118 981 5343, or go to www.ashbytrade.co.uk and take advantage of Architech. This isn't a product to be missed, or one to slip into the market quietly, says Ashby; but a brand new, ultra modern, up to the minute curved insert system that the sign market can't afford to ignore.

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