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HX30000 - Hexis launches carbon cast film

Hexis has launched a new cast vinyl with a carbon fibre look destined for wrapping applications. The company is promoting the new line with a dedicated mini-site: www.ilovehx.com

Part of the HX30000 Series, the Carbon Cast is a multilayered 135µm cast vinyl film with a carbon fibre embossed pattern. It carries the proven solvent-based adhesive and a structured PE liner with Hex'Press technology that allows convenient air egress during application. With its flexibility and high conformability fast and risk free it is principally destined for vehicle full wraps and other long-term outdoor applications. It is the ideal high-tech solution for heavily curved surfaces such as full vehicle wraps, furniture, laptops, cell phones and many more.

The new HX30000 Series also includes 2 Variochrome shade shift colours, a pearl white and an iridescent purple, and a super Hexis launches carbon cast film black matt. They are also multi-layered cast vinyl films carrying the same solvent-based adhesive and structured PE liner with Hex'Press technology that make the film repositionable during application. Because of its high flexibility and extreme conformability, fast and risk free transfers are practically guaranteed. It is particularly suitable for vehicle full wraps and for all long-term applications on complex and compound curved surfaces. With the shade shift feature highly effective colour effects can be achieved.

The standard rolls are 1370mm (54in) wide. 63-inch (1600-mm) rolls will be available later.

Samples and catalogues are available directly from local Hexis distributors.

Hexis HX30000 carbon cast film

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