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MACtac sign making films from ADS to be REACH-compliant

A swatch showing coloured filmAmari Digital Supplies (ADS), who stock and distribute MACtac self-coloured sign making films, has announced changes to the colours. These are mainly yellow, orange, red, green, grey and metallic of the 9800, 8900, 8300 and 9700 Pro series of films as well as those in the Sublime offering within the MACtac Tuning Film Series. These changes are due to the new REACH (European Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) directive that will come into force in January 2015.

Since the REACH requirement relates only to the manufacturing process, it is still permissible to use currently stocked and/or supplied MACtac  materials. But from January 2015, all MACtac products supplied by ADS will be fully compliant with the new requirement. The selected new colours will be as close as possible, or 'hardly noticeable', to those they will replace. And ADS will supply MACtac colour cards and fan swatches that will include both the current and new colours. The names currently in use will be retained but the product codes will change due to the importance of not mixing current and new colours for the same application.

Since 15 June 2014, all MACtac products have been free of any heavy metals-based pigments and so already fully compliant with the new REACH regulation, according to the company.


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